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  1. Obviously a highly contentious issue at 8 pages and 108 posts. For those who say reclining is wrong, if you choose to travel in the economy seating section (as I do) you need to accept that the seats are tightly spaced and their occupants have the right to make use of the seats reclining function. If you are unable to accept that, then you need to book a better class seat. Simple. I normally take evening flights. I don't recline my seat until after dinner is finished & cleared away. I then look behind to make sure the person behind me isn't leaning forward with their head near the back of the seat or doing anything else for which they need space, then I recline gently. For those who say seats should not be reclined, even though they are designed to do so, I hope you never, ever exceed the posted speed limit in your car, even it though it is capable of doing so.
  2. Here's something by way of contrast, which kind of puts the 5,000km (3,100 miles) oil changes into perspective. See 2nd paragraph. https://www.mercedes-benz-trucks.com oil change intervals
  3. Not so, it's a shipping term. From wikipedia: Steerage is the lower deck of a ship, where the cargo is stored above the closed hold. In the late 19th and early 20th century, steamship steerage decks were used to provide the lowest cost and lowest class of travel, often for European and Chinese immigrants to North America. With limited privacy and security, inadequate sanitary conditions, and poor food, steerage was often decried as inhumane, and was eventually replaced on ocean liners with third-class cabins.
  4. ...... and putting premium diesel in a Fortuner AND additive. Oil changes at 10k + regular diesel more than good enough.
  5. To do a 'Hire it here' 'Leave it there' deal you'll need to use a large company that has depots all over Thailand. There will be an extra fee. Argus car hire website might be helpful.
  6. Typical reaction time/distance travelled at 70mph is 21 metres, 4 - 5 car lengths. Overall stopping distance 96 mts
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