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  1. Here is my end product on the Milky Loaf and Boy was I wrong it "Rised" more than the French Loaf. Another Loaf of Bread Tomorrow. "Happy Baking!!"
  2. My first try on the Morries Breadmaker was #4 French Bread setting and it turned out just like yours BritManToo. I am on #9 Milky Loaf and the Bread did not rise much. Looks like #4 setting is the way to go. Does your Breadmaker make some noise when in the kneading mode?? Also tried to make a Sourdough Starter from scratch and failed twice as I ended up with a pinkish color. I will try again with a different flour. "Happy Baking!!"
  3. Looking for a local Isaan Rickshaw shop that works on and sells used Rickshaws (Three wheeled Taxi Bicycle). Appreciate any info-Thank You in Advance.
  4. Get your Paperwork in order and "Reapply." I have heard that has worked out better for some the second time around-Good Luck!!
  5. Thank You, Just what I was looking for!!
  6. How are you editing?? Are you using software? Appreciate any and all info. Thanks
  7. Hey BritManToo, Thank You for all info-Bought the Morries Breadmaker from Lazada and making your recipe now!! Machine is kind of Noisy, in the resting stage now. I am sure the bread will turn out "GREAT!" Can not wait to experiment with the other settings. Thanks again. Dan747
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