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  1. You are exactly spot on to the cause of most of the black exhaust coming out of the diesel trucks. Some of the older trucks belch smoke due to age and wear and tear.
  2. Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes. Choices should have consequences, and really stupid choices should be really painful as a lesson to others.
  3. I will transfer the money from my USA bank into my Thai bank account each and every month (like I have done for the last two years). One miscalculation and I don't have money to live on for that month, which actually provides a wonderful incentive to remember to transfer the money. Worst case I start the process over with a non-immigrant O visa (multiple entry) and end up having to leave the country every 90 days, which also happens to be another great incentive not to make a miscalculation and transfer the money each and every month. This stuff does not take an advanced degree in science and math to pull off.
  4. This is really not all that big of a change in the regulations. Before you had to have the money in the bank for three months before your application, now you have to have the money in the bank for three months after the application/extension. I would think that most people using this method prior to the change did not spend the cash immediately after getting the extension and then feverishly saved up for nine months to have the 800,000 baht in the bank in time to apply for the next extension. This will effect the people that are scamming the system, by using agents and other dodgy means. If I were to use the money in the bank method for a retirement extension I would put the money in the bank and leave it there 365 days a year (366 on leap years). I use the income method, and for my upcoming extension later this year I will show more than 65,000 baht coming in each and every month of the previous year with a bank letter.
  5. The truck is larger, it is to the advantage of the motorcyclist to pay attention to what is in front of him/her.
  6. Motorcycle was going too fast and moved to the right (toward center lane) prior to collision. The motorcycle could have easily moved slightly to his left and passed safely behind the truck, if he had been paying attention to what was going on.
  7. Probably best to build a modest house for less than 1-2 million baht, live in it while things are good. If the relationship goes south, move on and write off the house as a lesson. Better still is to rent something for a year or two and then decide if buying a house (basically for your partner) is something that you still think is a good idea. Rent, don't buy is a phrase worth heeding here in Thailand, or anywhere else for that matter if you technically cannot own the land.
  8. The frequency of heatwaves and other things such as hurricanes, tornados, and typhoons have not increased (from the IPCC). The low lying areas of Bangladesh have faced the threat of flooding for the last couple of hundred years, so that is a fairly bold prediction on your part. My comments on green energy are based on the realities and the footprint (sq/m per kw/h) that these technologies require to produce enough power to meet a modern countries energy needs (unless you are in favor of nuclear power, which I would guess you are not). A good video on the topic can be found in the Ted link below. I am not against green energy, I am against unrealistic expectations and solutions that have no chance of working with the current technology. Let's do things that work.
  9. I completely agree that no reputable science climatologist says CO2 is the only factor, but you specifically posted that most or all the warming was due to human actions. Then questioned my intelligence when I disagreed. My point on all of my climate posts is that the cure (Kyoto, Paris etc.) is not effective and too expensive. While we can disagree on the affordability of these agreements, there isn't much to argue about the effectiveness of these types of agreements in actually decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. None of these agreements would have reduced the amount of worldwide temperature change (or CO2) in any measurable way. Proposals to eliminate all fossil fuels will make some people feel good but are basically anti-humanity and will sentence people in developing countries to poverty. Fossil fuels heat our homes in winter, allow air travel, and have improved human existence and life expectancies throughout the world and to date none of the green energies hold a reasonable or realistic promise of replacing fossil fuels in the near or long term future.
  10. The correct answer would be some, and they really don't know how much is attributable to manmade activities. Anyone that says all is ignorant of the science, but it works well in the political realm.
  11. It is still a trace gas and the temperatures have not kept increasing in line with the rise in CO2 (which is what the theory says it should do) in the atmosphere.
  12. Hope everything works out for you. Where did you reside when you lived in Thailand? The reason I ask is that where I live the chance of an immigration office or any other kind of Thai government official coming around is close to zero (and hasn't happened in the two years I have been here). Thailand is not for everyone, good luck in Austin.
  13. Could you please link a single scientific paper stating that "all" the warming is attributed to anthropogenic activity?
  14. Do you have a list of the names of all the people on that 97% list? No you don't and either does anyone else in the world because that 97% number is complete BS (which is what kind of started this set of posts). Have a nice and blissful day, you are more than welcome uninformed opinions, but should not be surprised when others do not share them.
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