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  1. 6 minutes ago, outsider said:


    This, and also the fact that Thailand has lost its veneer, even before CVD19 struck. Also I am sure the less-than-friendly gestures, narratives and undertones towards foreigners (particularly westerners), as well as half-ar$ed and insincere attempts, did not go unnoticed. My guess is, tourism in Thailand was already on a down-cycle, despite the grovelling at China's feet, pre-CVD19. CVD19 just accelerated it.


    Of course, it could work in their favour if the day to day stories of tourists being fleeced have become old news. I'd like to see some action taken when the country does re-open to tackle to scams and reset the reputation. The future could be very bright with clean beaches and businesses hungry for customers (plus some ladies in need of cash!)

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  2. 16 hours ago, nchuckle said:

    That’s a million + with real symptoms- Poverty . Rather more than would suffer long term effects from Covid. As a sense of relative proportion,72 died on the roads on Monday but no one proposing shutting down the road network. 

    Are you sure they’re living in poverty? Where I live, in Isaan, most have returned to family and are continuing normal lives, working where they can. It’s not a good situation but it’s not as bad as you’re making out. Thai families and communities are good at pulling together in tough times.

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