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  1. he was so right. But it is beginning to show with the ex-PM 'lobbying' current ministers for favours so that he can line his own pockets. With regard to the London property market ...... last year there as a full page (maybe only half a page) avert in the Bangkok Post for flats near the Law Courts and Kings' College (London). As an ex-research at Kings, I know that nobody there could afford the Million Pound starting prices. Clearly aimed at rich Thai and Chinese buyers. I expect they are snapped up and remain empty and used solely as an inverstment to be sold at a great profit in a fe
  2. back in the 1970s I rented a house in Chiang Mai from a Chinese man. Everybody called him Khun Chin ...... and many poeple in government jobs read the daily newspaper in Chinese. Up in the mountains near Chiang Rai there was an enormous area contolled by KMT (KuMinTang - Nationalist Army which escaped the commuists by moving south and ended up in Thailand) waiting to invade and liberate China, with ChangKhiChek opening a second front in the east. in about '74 or '75 it was no longer fashionable to outwardly show such strong Chinese origins.
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