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  1. You haven't watched US live press conferences at the scene of incidents . They spend half an hour congratulating other government employees or their own employees on how great a job they are doing or did. Then each new speaker ads new people they'd like to thank or commend. If there's a politician involved if it's even worse. It gets left out if they run the info later because no one wants to see that part of it, but it isn't just in Thailand.
  2. May not be a capability issue. It is sitting on relatively loose fill. You can see the metal plates where the back legs were sitting. They're on top of maybe concrete columns laying on the ground to distribute the weight even more. But where were the front ones sitting? On the left, if they're visible, it looks like it was pushed down. There's not a greyish square metal plate. Unless the entire thing was slid forward and those are the pads for the front legs. But there's no gouging from the feet dragging or wheels dragging.
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