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  1. Thailand following CCP way of rule, I can see future head lines, jails over flowing with covid criminals.
  2. TATs cup over flow with BS again. They are trying to justify their existance and feed propaganda to the people. Mean while in reality, there will not be any tourists of numbers till maybe the middle of next year. Stop the BS about tourists and start thinking about how the country can get back on its feet without tourists. Most other countries have moved on planning their economy without international tourists. Overall, Thailand has basically failed to manage this Pandemic from the beginning.
  3. Thai Watsadu, irrigation section.
  4. Every province allowed to have their own rules and change from one day to the next, no wonder people get into trouble, reminds me of my military days. greycoats off, greycoats on, off, on, off, on.
  5. Get in line with all the other expats, what makes you think you more special than everybody else.
  6. Yes you correct, you forget important factor, "Bad Falang" I think neighbour dont like falang and report him.
  7. B-Quick, cockpit, many smaller companies to chose from. Most important, use good oil and filter. About 1500 - 2000B for premium products and labour.
  8. Amazing, farang gets nation wide coverage, yet everyday hundreds of thousands of Thais dont wear a helmit and I personally see many thais that dont wear a mask. Yes, this farang needs a kick up the bum for not complying to rules, however, seems like two sets of rules, one for us and one for Thais.
  9. I would like to see a tiered reporting sytem, for example, 1. First 2 years same as now, 90 day reporting, 2. At 3rd year and up to 5 years every 6 months which includes annual 1 year extension. 3. After 5 years only yearly extension required. This would be based on, Good history of reporting on time, no money problems, no problems with Police, marital status, reside in same house, thai wife with children, etc. Just saying.
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