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  1. The CCP has a lot to answer for. I see China as the modern Mafia, nothing but thugs.
  2. Thailand being one of CCP's puppets, I think they will give a priority to Chinese tourists, after all, Thailand had removed China of the black list for Corona Virus, apparently, China has got the virus under control. If they believe that, then they have got rocks in their heads, and we stay home for longer with a second wave on its way.
  3. Quote " employ people who are knowledgeable, capable, honest and diligent to govern." good luck with that in Thailand.
  4. The most expensive airline to travel with and for what??? Price, hospitality, service, food, drinks, comfort, I don't think so.
  5. Missed the point, nothing to do with banned tourist, just an example of how the CCP works, Spend some time looking CCP history and into what the CCP wants to achieve at any cost.
  6. I think the world is sick of the BS coming from the CCP. Thailand has to appear to be in the good books with China otherwise the CCP will start to bully Thailand and ban tourists from visiting here, that the way the CCP works.
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