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  1. So you can't find out how much they are going to rip you off.
  2. This truck was carrying Diesel, Hazchem plated sign 3082, officials at the scene would have recognized it would be unlikely that this would cause an explosion or fire, diesel needs to be pre heated to a high temperature before igniting. Poor reporting. RIP the driver and thoughts to family.
  3. Too much speculation for me, I am over it, when immigration tells me I cant renew my extension in December because I need health insurance, then I will act. I just reported for my 90 days this week, no signs up in the office and nobody informing me that when I renew my extension of stay I may be required to have health insurance. Who knows in this place, one day something new , next day changes and from office to office they change the rules that suits them.
  4. How convenient, scheduled treatment and prices are available in Thai only. Anybody out there have some information in English about prices with the three tier policy.?
  5. Next years photo op by Immigration will be, 1,000 farangs arrested and deported for not having health insurance.
  6. RIP in young man. You can't expect much from police that don't even come close to being able to do real police work, checking licenses, lollypop boys at school crossing, security guards at banks is about their limit of expertise.
  7. TIT, the whole country runs on corruption, lets cut a deal with the health insurance companies, for every new farang customer you sign up we get 10%,
  8. Makes sense, but unfortunately, Thais can't seen grasp common sense, somehow was overlooked in the gene pool.
  9. Another BS spin from Thailand government. Long tern Expats living here are not the problem it is the short term tourist with no travel insurance. The government is just trying prop up its hospital budgets by stinging "farangs". We already pay three times as much for hospital and surgery fees than Thais. You will now see Hospitals charging even more if we are made to have health insurance, which will increase your premiums every year. Start making Thais pay their way to help with hospital budgets.
  10. Oh hum, another BS spin by TAT, once again typical Thailand statements, putting the mouth into drive before engaging the brain.
  11. Point taken, however, I am talking about the general public, it would be similar to Hong Kong debacle, Thailand's military government would be no different than the Chinese government, they wont let go of having 'power over the people'.
  12. Agree, Thais just keep taking it up the A%^&#$rse with day to day BS from the government, its their way of life, they don't seem to have any drive for political action, it means thinking outside the box and that ain't going to happen.
  13. Wishful thinking, Thailand government is on a roll, just a matter of time before they introduce another BS rule. Considering it was only a few weeks ago the government told all government hospitals they could increase all medical fees for expats. With the new health insurance (scam) I can see hospitals taking advantage of that charging over the top fees even with health insurance, remember TIT everything done here is for people getting fatter back pockets in high places.
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