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  1. Wow, 120 kph plus pot smoking drivers from next year, receipe for more road carnage I think.
  2. Thanks for the info, after a few tyre shops I gave up, bought an original MG mag and fitted my own tyre.
  3. Thanks for that. I have the same version on my phone, however, a few areas of the electronics that are not covered, mainly in the Ismart area, it seems the UK version is slightly different. I will post of any updates regarding some of the features.
  4. My hoon days are long gone, no need for a juice thirsty 6 or V8.
  5. Seems like all the car brands that is not common in Thailand.
  6. Just bought a new 2020 MG ZS top model. Early days, drives well, comfortable and quiet, plenty of power, prefer the steering/suspension to be in Dynamic mode. Minor issue with wheel alignment, fixed in one hour at dealer, good now. Has all the bells and whistles of most SUV's on the market. Currently the top model ZS is 799,000B. Dealer discount at the moment is 65,000B. good time to buy now. A few things that may bug you: 1. No English user manual, dealer can order for you, maybe a wait. 2. The Voice command module in the car is Thai only, all the instrument info, entert
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