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  1. BJ went out of his way during PMQs to explain that it was Parliament rather than the PM/Govt that had sent the extn letter to the EU.
  2. Remainer vitriol has substantially increased the numbers signing up and donating .... The best we can hope is they keep it up
  3. Chess is somewhat easier without wearing boxing gloves.
  4. Moves are afoot there trans via a private prosecution currently being drafted. Of course MSM won't be touching it & they'll encounter more obstacles than Aintree but I am nonetheless pleased that as soon as he is dethroned Bercow is in for the ride he so richly deserves.
  5. The only disaster was in not firing the starting gun on the first Monday after the vote & not leaving two years afterwards as expected.
  6. Agreed, as does Sky Oz in the first 5 mins of this clip: & here's the latest Moggcast recorded on Monday but on the button as usual:
  7. He lost his way at around the same time as the bullying allegations against him first surfaced. History will not be kind to him.
  8. No 10 have just confirmed BJ will contact the EU 27 this evening confirming HMGs decision to leave as planned on 31st.
  9. Here's todays... Furthermore moves are afoot to launch a private prosecution against Bercow among others for malfeasance in public office; indeed the parliamentary committee for the constitution are discussing Bercow as I type this post. Thanks again to all the online recruiting sergeants for their help in keeping this in the public eye
  10. The one thing that hasn't been made up is the effect the remainer online Recruiting Sergeants are having in swelling the numbers joining and/or financially contributing to organisations wanting to leave... Thank you all. Please keep it up!
  11. UKs claim to democracy is indeed a joke but Assange alone is responsible for his current predicament and the millions it has cost the taxpayer to date.
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