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  1. 'Nae Fush'? UK signs fisheries agreement with the Faroe Islands
  2. Back on topic: Chatham House speech: Liz Truss sets out vision for values-driven free trade
  3. From HMG (F Sec) today Attack in Nice, 29 October 2020: Foreign Secretary's statement
  4. The remainers preferred candidate in last years election has just lost the whip!
  5. I'm not & was somewhat preoccupied with more pressing issues elsewhere.
  6. It'll be interesting to see how he reacts, given he stirred this up.
  7. I had never heard of it until Trump started using it & like everyone else I laughed. I have wrong since realized how wrong I was.
  8. The name has caught on & for good reason. I'm looking forward to the lefties reaction when he is returned again next week.
  9. Several reports seen/heard yesterday shown ethnic white Brits are 5th on lists of this nature. HTH
  10. UK and India agree to strengthen economic relationship to boost jobs One of several published today. HTH
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