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  1. @Neeranam A 'Talking head' video on your smartphone wouldn't do you any harm but as stated earlier I have never had any probs. HTH
  2. The apparently found anti-semetic tweets in Hatton's a/c cira 2012 as part of their vetting process.
  3. During a recent routine medical appointment (me) a nurse mentioned (to my wife) that certain vegetables should be avoided by people with kidney probs. Details are vague but Carrots & Tomato were mentioned, as were what my wife called 'bright colours (oxidents?)'. I as usual feel perfectly OK and have been pretty good diet-wise for a very long time. Does this now mean that Peppers, Beetroot, Red cabbage etc are off the menu too? For the record Kidney probs are in the family and were first diagnosed 3-4 years ago. I have lost more than 20kgs via diet and exercise and hope/need to lose a further 12. Just a thought, but could the small amount of turmeric & apple cider vinegar that I drink each morning have negatively affected my blood & urine test results?
  4. Fine if you're trolling but that old chestnut plays right into their hands if you're trying to pick up the rope.
  5. Universities? Here's some topical Red Meat : BTW: She asked the audience and was told to sign. She then asked if anyone wanted to leave-One person did and was replaced.
  6. Me too when my son was bitten at the age of 4. These days I have taken to wearing an IDV while excising to capture the feral menace in the act if my (mandatory) stick ever becomes necessary.
  7. This morning I observed a pack of around 8 dogs chase a cyclist in full tour-de-France rig as he passed their temple entrance. He had no chance to react although thankfully wasn't unseated. My reading of their body language suggested this was a game rather than a blatant attack but it could nonetheless have injured the (adult ferang) rider or thrown him under the wheels of traffic in the opposite lane. I caught everything on dashcam but frankly cannot be bothered to search for or upload it. Note: There is a primary school directly opposite where a large number of kids arrive on two wheels on school days...
  8. Pat Condell called for a drone strike (Satire on his part, for those that don't get it!)
  9. IF she manages to reach UK we can expect that (in addition to any punishment) she'll receive lifelong protection as per the likes of Mary Bell , Maxine Carr or the two scroats that murdered Jamie Bulger. (& Guess who gets the bill?)
  10. You're on form today Chomper! BTW: Pat Condell's rants are quite often purged. This might sort Parliament out...
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