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  1. How else was I to answer a request for a "Link please and not some swivel eye loon blog"?
  2. With Alistair Campbell back-tracking and deleting tweets showing he broke lockdown after ripping into DC we could bounce these between us all day
  3. The MSM cartel, coupled with this website's restrictive parameters render many non MSM links to the sin bin. #mediascum & #scummedia are as good a place as any to start but rest assured the message is everywhere. There's a lot more detail too but I have kept this simple and to the point. HTH
  4. This little snippet (or variations thereof) seems to be growing legs... In plain English for non Brits this suggests the Tories were planning a coup while Boris was ill/incapacitated, and that Cummings was having none of it.
  5. Had you checked your link before posting you'd understand why your reply has SPECtacularly backfired
  6. Are you genuinely no good at this banter lark or is it cos I'm on the wrong side?
  7. Try quoting #315 instead of the version that hasn't survived the edit window (which is what the window is for!) & what has cunards flagship got to do with it? ()
  8. Eyesight? nausea? headache? galloping gut rot? Has anyone reading this that has ever been Ill not suffered one or more of these afterwards?
  9. Were any open over Easter during lockdown & if so how do you propose he get there? This eyesight lark is being milked. I took it to mean that his answer was that he wasn't feeling 100% and that he simply flummoxed the reply during a 90 min unprecedented grilling. In the same circumstances who wouldn't?
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