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  1. I'm posting this separately as it appears to be a longer version:
  2. Her latest interview: Despite the above it wouldn't surprize me if HMG galloped to the rescue & had her back in UK courtesy of the taxpayer by next w/e. I hope i'm wrong.
  3. That ('How many have been charged...?') would make an interesting FoI request. I bet the answer is 'None!'.
  4. This interview caught my attention yesterday....
  5. That only leaves Choir practice. You must've been glad to get back!
  6. I answered the question cos the OP asked nicely on what I assumed was a troll-free board!
  7. Could you not do the legal formalities in one jurisdiction & hold the wedding elsewhere? ('Registry office v Church' in old money although in you case you'll be in different countries!) HTH
  8. Brexit is thankfully less than 1000hrs away. Bring it on As i'm in such a good mood here's something you missed earlier: You're welcome
  9. Hopefully this update from HMG published today is an indication of what the public can expect re the monitoring of such oiks. No need to fill in the bits I've left out this time Chomper; I know the difference between terror/security suspects and what UK security outlets drylie referred to as ODC's. ('Ordinary Decent Criminals').
  10. When have you ever done more than slag off the opposition?
  11. Not me pal; I was merely curious as to your Enfield-esque declaration...
  12. Why should anyone care & what difference does it make to the board?
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