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  1. I guess you come from 3rd world country too - I have never seen roaming beasts in my homecountry in northern EU
  2. How did she pass Thai Immigration then … ? as she was waiting to board
  3. Me too - disgusting IO asked us for diff docs 3 times even tho we showed her what she wanted each time so she just made something up. Now retirement but tired of these people so we leave. Can honestly say my thaiwife hate them even more than I do and that's saying something
  4. What has "Although anti racist" to do with anything …. ? Hate this pc cr.p
  5. Expert claim 40 deaths per day - more like 70 deaths per day, not counting people dying in ambulance/hospital after "accidents"
  6. Useless thai police - CCTV only worked when she was doing yoga perhaps ?
  7. Have you ever done a marriage extension at Jomtien Immigration ? Didn't think so or you would def change your mind about jumping through hoops ... These b.tches at counter 6 will constantly ask you for more docs even tho you have already shown them what they originally wanted to see - its a circus and one of the reasons I changed to retirement extension and why we are leaving Thailand now … Its just gonna get worse - wait for mandatory health insurance
  8. As many expats say : Whats next … ? hence why many leave in the next months
  9. TMB All Free account - 500 baht to open but everything free, eg. other banks ATM etc
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