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  1. Good Luck with that, Most are crooks. My friend was introduced to what was said to be a good lawyer by a Thai friend. He paid 150,000 deposit and nothing ever happened. My friend would go to the office and be told the lawyer wasn't in, Phone Calls to the office, he got nowhere. He tried to get the police to help but, they wont do anything. Most cops in Thailand only work when it benefits them.
  2. I just used a regular travel agent that I used to book flights for me. They had a messenger pick up my stuff and submit it to the embassy and then pick up and delivery to me when done, used to take 3-4 days.
  3. I used to just use a travel agent. They would pick up my docs, pics and passport and return it a few days later with the visa from the Embassy. Forget the cost something like 1200-1300B
  4. I think their numbers are very high, but when are any of their numbers correct. I can think of a few scenarios that a bill wouldn't get paid. Someone gets in car/motorcycle/ boat etc accident almost dead the hospital is going to take them in, The person dies they dont get paid if no insurance. the person lives but has no insurance theyll make a payment plan and hold his passport (I know not legal, but its done) He disappears and never pays the bill. The person is wanted by the police and end up in jail, etc etc
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