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  1. A foreigner cant own land. When a Thai is married to a foreigner and buys land the thai person has to sign a document that all the money for the land is from them and not their spouse. However, if the land is purchased during the marriage and your wife passes away you can inherit the land, but you would have to sell the land within 1 year. Opening a company to own the land is tricky and some people have had issues, every few years they crack down on this. However, if the company is active (generating revenue, having workers) then that would be different. Your wife is Thai have her make some call and find out.
  2. allot of them sit outside the sony store watching TV.. PS dont block their view!!
  3. Nothing wrong with a guy riding pillion. Many of times I have had girls give me a ride home at night with me riding pillion, no looks or issues.
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