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  1. Thailand needs the economic boost of renewed mass tourism but not the spread of Covid-19 that will inevitably result. Unless visitors are only allowed from a very limited number of countries or people are put under quarantine for 14 days on arrival, the spread of the virus could soon take off and be hard to control. That is the reality we have to accept, therefore keeping borders closed is the least worst choice.


  2. Reporting no new cases of Covid 19 does not mean the virus has disappeared. The number of new cases is strongly linked with how people are tested, which also depends on how many people come forward to be tested. Restrictions need to be continued to avoid new outbreaks which are hard to control. Follow the lead of S Korea and Australia to get closer to eliminating the virus.

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  3. Back to normal is not something we can expect anytime soon. Alcohol sales is one thing but is minor in the broader scheme of things. Millions will be out of work or on reduced hours for a long time, in Thailand and elsewhere. If you have some income, that`s not so bad. Think of all those in hotel and tourism who have no work, no income and few prospects this year.

  4. 7 hours ago, UbonThani said:

    Quite the opposite. Your lockdowns are doing more harm. You are destroying the lives of millions of healthy people for nothing.


    Reports suggest 200k kids may die also.


    What for? To save fat people who ate junk for 30 years? Killing babies to save junk food people. Destroying family businesses.


    And all you can say is have a nice life?


    Obviously don't care about anyone else.

    This is satire, right? The measures to prevent virus spread are necessary, despite the economic pain. In Australia and HK people understand that and have no wish to see older relatives and friends suffer and die. That`s why we have lower numbers of new virus cases than in countries where ignorance or denial sadly dominate.

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  5. 17 hours ago, Enzian said:

    I heard a lot of stories last night about how people are being kept in the provinces they were in when it really started sometime around the end of March. Earthmovers used to pile dirt on the lanes at highway checkpoints. People unable to even leave their villages. So I would argue that measures are being taken.

    “I`ve heard a lot of stories” or news from reliable media sources? We need to just focus on the latter, not on rumours.

  6. New cases are likely to greatly underestimate the actual number. As many with covid-19 do not show symptoms, they can unknowingly pass on the virus. With many laid off workers allowed to return home to the provinces without health checks, this will help spread the virus further. We can expect many older people or those in bad health to become very sick in the coming weeks. Expect a huge rise in cases over the next few weeks. This can only be slowed if we all stay at home or at least keep our distance from others. 

  7. Find the nearest Asian food store & getting my wife to know other Asian women who have moved here in Australia (not necessarily Thai) was a good start. She started using Line social media to communicate with far away friends. She has worked hard at her already pretty good English language. And we manage a trip back to Thailand once a year with our two kids, who we`re trying to bring up bilingual. Sure, cultural differences and homesickness on top of the usual challenges of having a new baby made it a bit hard at first. 

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