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  1. Hi all, just wanna share after we turned the rice field to a mixed farm, it seems everything getting better than before. we have 5 rai in Yasothon, in the past we did grow only rice and could do only once a year and the turnover is varied and relatively low compare to other crops. so we decided to divide more than 80% of this small piece of land to a mixed farm, growing more than 50 variety of crops and some of livestock. The problem is, Isaan used to be the sea and the underground water is therefore salty, couldn't use that water for cultivating anymore unlike the other part of Thailand provided with good irrigation. another problem is poor soil quality, during the dry season you even can see the white layer on top of it. with such type of soil only few can be grown. one of the crop that is best suited for this type of soil is Jasmine rice. on the economic side, rice price is up and down a lot and depending on the government policy, not reliable, it's better to stand on your own feet and moving forward with something else that has a good payoff. In the attached is our farm. i have started this project with my parent and right now already been for 3 months. Any advice or suggestion would be most welcome
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