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  1. Didn't look like they were racing to me. The Thai on the inside of them was going past them. I call the usual bs.
  2. Yes patients are "free to buy medicines outside". But a patient in a hospital is a captive audience and hospitals have been in business for a long time. It's a scam that works very well. If they were trying to help the patient monetarily then the doctor would give a separate prescription and then a separate invoice for the visit. (get it filled wherever you want). It's kind of uncomfortable to ask the Doctor for this, but I'll do it next time....I usually give them back half the stuff that is prescribed after asking the pharmacist what everything is!
  3. Of course these transport safety steps will include all the bus drivers having an air brake ticket! (not to mention a commercial drivers license). Well they do this in most civilized countries but then they usually have extensive driving exams which one can not buy! With regard to safety at sea, GPS tourist wristbands, about as stupid as this whole article!
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