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  1. Sometimes my geography sucks. I meant Andaman Sea.
  2. Yes that's correct but I think there is a difference. It was proven how quickly the efluent from Clover Point is removed by the constantly flowing currents in that area, and sent out to the straits....the straits are usually ebbing out to sea mostly. Although the beach around Clover point isn't too nice for swimming. I have a feeling the Gulf of Thailand is a totally different kettle of fish...(sorry).
  3. Great passing lane for cars. Works perfectly in other cities around here!
  4. Of course this would be after: proper training and licensing of captains, vessel seaworthiness inspections and licenses, proper maintenance etc. Just joking, we all know it's always the cart before the horse, or we can run before we learn to walk.... Or we just don't care.
  5. If someone was doing their job and these pigs were fined for littering or put in jail after a warning....it would not take too long for them to clue in!
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