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  1. Thai law should MANDATE that bank accounts be available for this purpose. No bank wants to deal with FATCA regulations, so the logical solution is to FORCE them to make accounts available.
  2. Thai prisons are horrible. This is not news to anyone who pays attention, I feel for anyone banged up in these places. There are much worse things than drugs done here and most go unpunished. Thailand and most other countries have followed America's drug hysteria into a morass of cruelty to their own people. Prisons deter nothing and solve nothing. Drug use is usually its own punishment. Decriminalization is the only sane solution.
  3. Government agencies exist to screw you. This is hardly a new thing.
  4. Such parties have now sparked three different military coups. How ironic.
  5. In the past, conventional wisdom has said "Their country, their rules". I am swiftly beginning to reconsider that received wisdom.
  6. Thanks, Joe. I am very skittish about any expectation of Thais bending their rules under any circumstances. My wife-to-be has made it very clear that she will never live anyplace else but Thailand. If I can't stay here, then this poses a real problem.
  7. Almost unbelievable that they never had this link before. Why are they not linked into the Interpol system so that police checks for visas would be unnecessary? The answer, of course is that would involve an outlay of cash which could be going into an official's pocket.
  8. I realize that this information is all over this forum but my lousy computer and dodgy internet connection, make it a headache to try to sort all the facts. i appreciate any advice you can give. Here's the situation. I have been here on extension of stay from a Non-O visa obtained in Vientiane in 2015. I have had a Bangkok Bank account that receives my payment by Direct Deposit, since I am using the monthly income method. Due to financial situations beyond my control, I have had to temporarily have my SSA payment deposited in my credit union in the USA. I do not anticipate that I will need to continue this beyond the month of April. My extension renews in October. Should I go to Savannakhet and get an entirely new O visa based on marriage? Also, since Immigration has said they will "work with" expats having difficulties meeting the requirements, will five to six months of bank deposits suffice to get my extension? There is no way that I am going to be able to show a full year of deposits, so I may have to go the Visa Service route, if this is the requirement.