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  1. The only problem with that is the requirement to move all my funds to Thailand, which I can't do and pay my bills. The requirement would simply mean bankruptcy if I could not pay my credit card bills from Thailand. I have more than enough money and my only option seems to be a budget-busting visa service. Please advise if you can. The situation is getting more desperate by the month. 25 thousand baht per year for a Thai retirement visa is sheer insanity. My debts must be paid. Is there anyway that card companies can be paid that does not require a bank? Don't tell me to drop it in the mail. It takes a month to reach the USA, I am boxed in everyway I turn and I have the income. Just insane.
  2. I should not even respond to this,but our plans were to be married.thus qualifying to show a lower monthly amount in the bank.
  3. I got nothing out of this thread. I had my SS payment coming into Bangkok Bank for a while and had to move it back temporarily to cover bills. If I bring all my money to Thailand I can't pay my bills. Will DeeMoney transfer money to my credit card accounts???
  4. Otherwise, I have no way to pay credit cards and no way to transfer enough money to cover 65 thousand a month
  5. Exactly HOW are transfers to be made? None of what I have been reading about Transferwise and Dee Money makes any sense. Tranferring my SOCIAL SECURITY alone won't work because my fiance left me.., thus no marriage and requirements are now 65 thousand a month.
  6. I should have said "extension of visa". I told him "extension" the answer was 25 k. Thailand really wants us anywhere but here.
  7. Thank you for your insult. It must be great to know everything. You are incredibly rude. I am seeking information, that is the purpose of a forum. Admins should be busy deleting your kind of posts. I can't read everything on this board because of handicaps. Think about what you would do in such a situation and try to be a bit more tolerant and understanding, instead of spewing acid all over the forum.
  8. Duly noted. Now what is the method to transfer funds into Thailand and still be able to pay your stateside bills?
  9. Absolutely pointless for me to have. How do I transfer funds from USA to my Thai bank? I thought that was was what transfer services did. Saved me . trip to Bangkok. I need transfer of my 65 thousand baht into my Thai bank account. Now, the new IDD rules seem to indicate that Bangkok Bank is not my only option. What do I do in this cas? I am struggling with the failure of a relationship and trying to deal with confusing paperwork at the same time. Would a visa service ameliorate my problems.. I need help and advice fast. Thank you, No Marriage visa in the works now unless things change.
  10. This is not strictly a VISA-related question but I will ask anyway. Is DeeMoney strictly ONE-WAY??? in other words can I only make transfers to Thai banks from the USA and NOT the other way around? I'm sure that has been discussed to death, but I never saw it. A simple sentence would answer my question.
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