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  1. Astounding lack of knowledge of constitutional limits on the power of the presidency. Media outlets can't be closed by a President. Trump saw what they do in North Korea and got excited. This is just one reason why a failed casino operator is unqualified for the office of Chief Executive.
  2. Very impressed with the total lack of compassion for former military, suffering from PTSD. When it happens to someone you know or someone you love, you may change your mind. The United States treats these men like used toilet paper and then throws them away.
  3. Can you reveal the brand??? Aussie wines are generally pretty good, at least in my unprofessional opinion. Always willing to hear recommendations.
  4. It's no secret that life in the Thai boonies can age you prematurely. I've encountered lots of Thai men who are ten years younger than me and look ten years older.
  5. Sounds like the so-called "experts" don't even agree about this virus.
  6. I live two blocks from Jomtien Beach, but I won't go near it for fear of being targeted by police. No big loss. I almost never go down there, anyway.
  7. You have a lot more faith in businessmen than I do. I have seldom encountered a landlord who thought it was necessary for them to do anything except collect rent. They don't care about your problems.
  8. There are still many Thai people who insist that farang teachers are taking jobs away from Thais by teaching English here. Perhaps they should take more of those jobs. This woman was nearly incomprehensible.
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