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  1. They have already told us how much they "need" us.. The ball is in our court.. Those of us who can....will leave.
  2. Encouraging. Anti-semitism is more indefensible than it's ever been. History will show Israel to have been the sanest country in the Middle East.
  3. The most racist and mentally ill President since Woodrow Wilson. Unbelievable that voters in the United States can support such a monster.
  4. Who would vacation in Thailand under these circumstances? House arrest is not a vacation.
  5. Link??? I know of no online source for CBD. I use Tramadol for back pain, but it is not always effective. I think some of the medications sold may be phony.
  6. Grace the visa virago, got out of it by claiming they were growing it for medicinal purposes. She and the hubby are now back in business. I am STILL not seeing CBD oil sold in pharmacies.
  7. Can't wait to see him behind bars. He needs to die in prison.
  8. Animal cruelty is very sad. I hope this guy gets what's coming to him.
  9. Until 2015, I worked for a southern university in the USA where a very large number of the student body were Chinese nationals. I became acquainted with a Chinese math professor, whose English was so poor that the university would not renew his contract. I felt sorry for him because he wanted to stay and teach in Alabama, but that was nearly impossible because he was very difficult to understand. It is NOT "mistreatment" when your scholar cannot speak English well enough to teach math. Students can't read minds.
  10. The backlash will be bloody and disproportionate. No sympathy for Muslims from me.
  11. I had one of these injections about six years ago, before I left the United States. Very effective temporary relief. I have suffered with sciatica for a number of years and these shots are highly recommended. I had wondered what the cost would be here in Thailand. Not much information available.
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