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  1. Americans seem to no longer understand the definition of "crazy". I still cannot accept the fact that America elected this man for even a four year term.I know mental illness when I see it and I have observed it for far too long.
  2. I could not make up such an insane story as the last four years and I am pretty crazy. The only Republican I ever admired was Dwight Eisenhower.
  3. I notice they have also banned dart boards. Lots of deaths from darts in the bars???
  4. There is no smoking or animals allowed in my condo building in Pattaya. I think the presence of a cat or two in the building would be a welcome addition.As for smoking, the rule used to be "don't blow it in my face".
  5. Cambodia agrees with this. They need the tax money. Why does the whole world follow America's stupid drug laws which originated with a racist pig named Anslinger? Here's some good information for those who may not know much about the history of marijuana prohibition. https://medium.com/equityorg/reefer-madness-the-racist-roots-of-marijuana-prohibition-37b9e7fb7d6c
  6. In some cases there was no choice. Paperwork. I certainly don't "share" my financial situation any more than required.
  7. It's all the fault of those pesky native English speakers. They should be run out of the country.
  8. I plan to marry a Pinay and I can stay forever, an advantage you don't get in Thailand. Even an ugly old git like me can find a suitable woman to marry in the Philippines. I suppose I will start out on a tourist visa. The SSRV is a complete rip off in the Thai and Malaysian mode. My money comes in every month like clockwork and it will be spent the same way. I am not giving money to thieves,. be they Thai, Malaysian or Pinoy. Hard to believe they will tamper with their famously reasonable visa terms. No one in Asia wants to imitate the Thais, except the notoriously racist Chinese. I am also no
  9. Precisely the point: you don't understand. You don't understand "lower income" people, because you probably had a cushy government job for most of your life or had the financial "cushion" to allow you to save the obscene sum of 800 thousand baht to prop up the near-criminal Thai banking system. First the American and British Embassies gave us a good "rear-ending" by claiming that income letters were not part of their mission, whilst most European embassies have no problem with it. Then the Immigration authorities decided to up the ante on finances because they don't have an inkling about econo
  10. One man's "utter nonsense" is another's truth, borne out by experience. I daresay, that I have as much "proof" of my viewpoint as you have of your predictable defense of "Thainess". The "charmed by Thailand" set is pretty much a given in fora devoted to this country. They even jump to the defense of Thailand when they are being treated much as African-Americans were treated in 1960. I will announce my schedule when the Philippines announces theirs. Meanwhile, the lumpen Thai will continue to formulate new plans to infuriate and alienate their benefactors.
  11. Thai people are intellectually unable to understand the obvious advantages of having relatively well-off aliens living among them. The society has always been racist to the core and that will probably never change. The Thai mode of thought is very similar to the American Trump supporters, who simply cannot STAND the thought of an Hispanic alien taking a job that the average American would never accept. That's how racism works "You are different and we don't want you here."
  12. I don't care if it "works" or not. The public and the victim's family get the satisfaction of revenge. My only concern is that it is not televised and sponsored, with profits going to worthy. charities. I have no mercy for violent criminals.
  13. Watch for a spate of arrests by clueless cops who are not up to date on the law. It's practically a Thai trademark.
  14. When a criminal faces a punishment of drifting off into a peaceful sleep after committing murder, rape or pedophilia, I would say that the punishment did not really fit the crime. Capital punishment is no longer a thing to be feared.
  15. A beautiful scenario. I can't think if a more grand situation, as Thaksin Shinawatra, marches triumphantly back into the capital. The thought of those criminal Generals dropping through those trap doors to their well-desserved fate, is a long-awaited event.
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