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  1. thanks mate ..ive just contacted the administration office at the condo they said they will do it for a Fee of course . I'm in the north and cant get back to Pattaya before the date they say it has to be paid i bought this in company name seemed good idea at the time regrets now ..dies this effect the taxable value ..just a question here perhaps you can help ..i don't rent it out i dont actually run a company i don't work here ..but i submit accounts each year thru an accountant Paying again ..is it advisable to do this or just not declare as i don't get a baht from it tks again
  2. hello looking for a little help here ..i live in the north of Thailand but have a condo on Pattaya that me and the family visit each month i bought it off plan 8 years ago in company name as i was advised by my agent (mistske) any way thus week i was in Pattaya and found mail there from the condo office saying now must pay a government tax this month..bit short notice does anyone know anything about this how it works and how much it costs.. a great way for the Thais to promote sales of an already dead horse No one is buying No one will if this is the new law Tax Tax great way to boost sales
  3. i hope for once macron is correct and we can exterminate this filth from our planet they are low life cowardly vermin no place for them
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