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  1. last year had a fairly bad crash dog ran out Infront of the bike this was August ... Stitches in mouth ..chin hanging off ..more stitches.. arms legs stitched plus a lot of bruised parts still pain in my arms loss of use in fingers sometimes have trouble sleeping .back to the hospital again next month they do their best but initial treatment after accident leaves a lot to be desired missed a lot of stuff rushed job ..i didnt choose the hospital where the ambulance took me in fact 2 different ones before i was really concious but did the best as i said...Soi dogs for you ...hope you are ok n
  2. me got 7..eldest 45 youngest one in nursery 1 in junior school. 1 secondary school .1 university others working .. thank god ..
  3. needs adjusting for families...house to pay ...bills to pay car to run kids school fees..kids out of school activities..im buggered if that's how how much is needed for a single person living in an apartment..would some one like to do a calculation based on family of 4 tks would be interesting to know just how buggered i am ..lol
  4. hard to conquer anything with their teeth in the back of your legs ..please come join the world Sir....
  5. with you on this one ..never seen one spend a baht ..even the girls are shared to save money as for the Russian !!!!!!!!!! well wont go there eh .....yep they spend just look at the lines in 7/11 all C...p.
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