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  1. I could post a Youtube story from OANN in what the main stream media won't report, but the moderators would take it down as fake news.
  2. One need only to look back at the 'reign' of Taksin Shinawatra. He was a visionary and a good leader. Then he and his cronies lost their way, starting with death of the fathers and elder sons in the back of a truck whose only real crime was protesting a gas terminal/pipeline in the South and ending with throwing out the winning bid for land on Ratchadapisik, which was eventual awarded to his wife.
  3. Most members that can still hold office have joined/started the Move Forward Party.
  4. The title of this article is wrong. It should be 'Opposition, Hopes Abound Pandemic Will Split Thailand's Ruling Coalition.' And it looks like more than a few of you do too.
  5. You may be monkey, but maybe you should drop the wise. Do a google search toward the middle of July to find out about the Thai borders (or if you must, ask here again). Don't wait until the last week of July, the borders will be packed if they are open. (go on the forum website and read a couple of weeks of postings. many answers there)
  6. Such an odd statement. I'd put Ivanka, D. Jr, Tiffany and Eric in any intellence contest against Hunter B, Chelsea C, Paul Jr., Christine, Jacqueline and Alexandria (Pelosi) and I'm pretty sure Don's kids would win.
  7. No, there is not a "less acceptance in the USA to reclining seats"; although, they do seem to get more publicity regarding it. I was flying to Texas a couple of years ago on Qatar Air. A woman from the USA sat down in the seat in front of me, a slammed the seat back as soon as she sat down (still at the gate). I asked the flight attendant to resolve the situation, to which he replied that until the Captain turned on the seat belt sign he could do nothing about it. That woman put her seat up for take off, landing and meals, only. I was so glad she was not in front of me on the next leg to Houston. (she was on the flight). I only took exception to her reclining the seat when she first boarded. I thought it rude. You unfortunately got a rude person behind you and I think it is wrong to blame it on their nationality. (and you too Richard Smith)
  8. RIchard, really? I can't say I've ever seen a "cop baiting" video. With the assertive training they receive, you don't have to bait them. If you're not antifa with their mob around you they can pretty much chomp on anybody.
  9. It won't be free. Only the 'food', air, walls, door and roof at IDC are free.
  10. It is a legitimate claim and there is no mention of aboriginals or Greeks in the article. (etc, etc)
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