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  1. Where did you get them? Did you install or did you have a contractor?
  2. "Some people did something". A line from the USA. It is very sad. Very sad.
  3. Yip, I got caught out about a month ago and stupidly did not note the day of the week. Or maybe it was just my local Big C and it was only a trial.
  4. Anybody know what day Big C is using for their no p-bag day?
  5. Buy some small spoons. Those little plastic spoons are nothing but plastic pollution.
  6. An unending argument. There is no debate. The opinions just get further apart. Some of us didn't like Trump or Crooked Hillary.
  7. Go online to find out the best gate number to drop them based on airline check-in counters. That's better than driving & looking for a sign.
  8. No worries, mates. She be way too high maintenance for the likes of us. Now, Brad, he's a lot like many of us, a regular tom cat (with money).
  9. Probably has a lot of fertile topsoil in the river bed for redistribution, too.
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