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  1. He'll just show up with a pallet full of cash and all will be forgiven. Curses to American. Curses to D. Trump. Hurrah for Joe B. (Moderators!!! Really!! More Reuters rubbish.)
  2. I golfed at Lam LukKa, Thai Country Club, Panya Indra and Navatanee mostly when I played golf (2000-2014). I never encountered dual pricing. I stopped playing after my second hip replacement and due to low 'funds'.
  3. Beware the pen. It is so much mightier than the sword. Write an article, pepper it with lies and at best half truths and 40-60% of the people will believe it. Personally, IMO, that is exactly what this article is. Written by none other than a Reuters rumor writer.
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