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  1. My thoughts exactly, so beware it could be an aunt, cousin or niece next time. If you love your gf there should be no question about your behavior. Be polite, but say NO and avoid the alone time.
  2. After all the S__t he's had to put up with from the squad and other <deleted> lefties, he's entitled to spend time with his family.
  3. Umm, Crossy, I just bought a new TV at HomePro in July on my Thai AMEX, but more to the point, the poster asked about an AMEX from the USA. If the business from which you wish to buy or purchase accepts AMEX, they will accept them from any country. It just has to be a good card or have no blocks on it. You might have to contact AMEX to get the purchase pre-approved.
  4. If you are a Citizen of the USA this closure has no effect on you. It is for people who wish to obtain citizenship and immigrate.
  5. Yes, I really dislike Pathum Thani immigration, starting with the person that you have to get que numbers from. They are the reason that 12 years since my last 'B' I'm still getting a non 'O' from Laos and driving to Ban Phumanron every 90 days. Even though the 90 reporting isn't in the 'visa' office, I just hate going out there (and potentially seeing a couple of those people).
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