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  1. Beware the pen. It is so much mightier than the sword. Write an article, pepper it with lies and at best half truths and 40-60% of the people will believe it. Personally, IMO, that is exactly what this article is. Written by none other than a Reuters rumor writer.
  2. PTTEP is the only company I know of who is doing much of anything at the moment. Contact Fircroft. There may be other operators, I just don't know.
  3. Where is the Croc farmer with the food 'business plan'? Win-Win is what I said then.
  4. May as well just station the insurance adjusters in a small building, like the traffic cops use, on each side of the highway.
  5. I'm tired of reading the lame responses. It's a good topic. I'd like to know too. Would an email to the embassy get answered? I'd visit and ask, but I wouldn't know what to put down as my reason to make an appointment. I hope you'll start a new thread when you find out titled something like, 'Documents and Permits Required for USA Expat Cremation'.
  6. I play Classic Solitaire "Klondike" off and on all day. It keeps my hand(s) busy so that I don't eat. (Works mostly). I think you're either playing Spider or FreeCell, but I am no help to you as I haven't played them in over a year and then only sparingly. I'm purely into 'mindless' activity. (I've a win percentage of 14.)
  7. I know you can get it at Bumrungrad Hospital... Mostly likely you would also be able to get it from any of the major private hospitals. Bumrungrad will be expensive. I suggest you try Ramkhamheng Hospital, but traffic is usually pretty bad there. Bangkok Hospital and Samitivej will have it too. Chulalongkorn, too... I just did a quick search: https://thesmartlocal.com/thailand/covid-19-testing-bangkok/
  8. Honestly?? Who cares? It's a tension felt, long weekend and the man with the lowest score won. Congrats to Dustin.
  9. Villa would be the last place I'd buy any brand of beer. Maybe they'll have a big sale to get rid of their old stock if you can get enough folks to complain about it.
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