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  1. Naklua is just as bad. They're everywhere. Is Russian currency actually going up against the baht? Thought the baht has been bullish against world currencies.
  2. Clearly this was not a mandatory meeting the real culprits were required to attend. I wonder how many hundreds of people were being scammed by taxi drivers and baht bus drivers while the meeting was taking place.
  3. Personally, I don't find motorcycle taxis all that unfair with their 40 or 50 baht fare but Pattaya taxi cabs and baht bus drivers need to be disciplined with real fines and not just nominal fines they can make back in a few hours by ripping off more tourists.
  4. I never talk to any of these counterfeit goods sellers. Tourists should follow my lead.
  5. imo the title of a thread should not stop a person from posting valuable info on the thread, if they have it.
  6. Big C Extra - none Home Pro - none Index - none other than small ones smaller than a suitcase. Will continue my search and try Tesco. Thai Watsudu is a bit out of the way. Anyone able to confirm they may have these? The ones I'm looking for are about 36 inches (90 cm) long.
  7. Too funny. I just let my girlfriend pick a good place to eat. This normally means somewhere with salmon sushi.
  8. Does anyone know where I can buy some under the bed storage containers like these?
  9. +1 for East Coast. They are one of the only sites that let you know when current rent dates end. When you contact most other agencies they will tell you the listing that looks too good to be true is rented and they can't tell you when that lease ends BUT miraculously they will have a whole bunch of more expensive not as appealing units in the same complex. Figure out which condo you want in Jomtien and go there to see if they have any rooms available. Also do Google searches and contact all listings you are interested in. My condo doesn't allow AirBNB renters but unfortunately they are still here.
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