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  1. How can I pay for the LMG policy ? I am in the UK and need to pay by card.
  2. I have an appointment next Monday at my local surgery and the cost is 40 quid for the examination and form filled out.
  3. The policy seems a monthly policy and not a yearly policy.So in essence you would only be insured for 1 month as opposed to the whole year that the visa application requires. I am not sure and do not want to make a mistake.
  4. I am just concened that the Embassy would not accept this as it is monthly and not annual.
  5. I see that I can get insurance for 6000 baht for the year but would also need covid insurance for a COE.
  6. To apply for this there is a drop down box and as someone applying for a Non Immigrant O-A visa I am not sure which box to select .
  7. Unfortunately Pacific Cross have a 15 day wait period for covid and they have told me I would not be covered if I tested positive in quarantene as the wait period begins on entry to Thailand. April Health do not have a wait period.
  8. I am trying to get insurance for a Non Immigrant O-A visa that covers covid and the outpatient requirement. I have only found April health that does not have a wait period .However it is very expensive at 76 000 baht for age 53.
  9. Does anyone know of anywhere to get the medical form signed of in the UK ? I know some people get it done in Thailand but I am in the UK so if anyone can help I would be grateful. My local doctors surgery will not.
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