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  1. I have bought things from Lazada and have had them sent back due to goods being faulty and received an apology and a refund.
  2. There is a stall on beach road ,Pattaya that sells all sorts of martial arts weapons.
  3. With the new requirements for keeping a minimum of 400000 baht in the Thai bank account all year round ,many of us thought it would be the end of agents. However it seems to have affected the agents in such a way that they are now doing more business as more people prefer to use them than keep the money in a Thai bank.
  4. Bonus is an English word which has been adopted into the Thai language and is widely undersrood. However it is pronounced with a Thai pronounciation thus it will sound more like Bonut ,this is because an S as the final syllable will always be pronounced as a T.
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