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  1. Who are you going to report them to ? And do you not think your card would be marked for causing trouble ?
  2. You will have to finish your ASQ before you can change your money.
  3. I renewed my car and motorbike licence last week in Udon Thani ,Nongsung branch. I went to Immigration and asked for the residence certificate and said I only want 1 copy as I will use a photocopy . I was told you can not use a photocopy.I held my ground and just paid for 1. Udon Immigration charge 500 baht. When I read the residence certificate which was in Thai it stated that it was for a motor car. If I had asked for a second certificate it would have said motorcyle. I then began to worry as I thought I would not be able to use a photocopy of the car certificate o
  4. I finished my time in ASQ on December 21st and have still not received my completion certificate. The hotel told me I would receive it within 7 days but it never came. I contacted them and they said they would look into it but did nkt hear back from them. I did my 90 day report last Thursday and it was not mentioned.
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