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  1. no one knife another without any reason. most probably taxi driver did something before. cut the road of the rider or maybe more.
  2. if number of rich is growing, it means number of poor is also growing inline with it. where there are lots of rich, there are also lots of poor.
  3. yeah then we setup campfires in the condo to cook? and most probably this explosion is bc, either the guy installed the gas canister didn't do it right and didnt double check. or they left the gas open accidentally.
  4. good if they were caught for their crimes. if there are crimes. 'extradition was made by the request of Chinese and under a new cooperation and extradition deal' ? what is this deal? is this deal also covers political crimes or Chinese people in opposition or Chinese asking asylum in Thailand? And such crimes can push you to death sentence in China too. Are Thai authorities considering this when extraditing a Chinese citizen back to China? I hope. It means each time when chinese official calls Thailand and asks something, will it be granted? Hope not.
  5. thieves stealing 700 baht of the students. this is basically what it is. sad really.
  6. thanks. lots of Israelis and jews criticise this now. bc this is super undemocratic plus getting orders from US is an insult to jews and israelis. and sure this doesnt help israelis at all!
  7. hahas. loved his lotus position. like he has mind control to elevate himself respect for this chinese but bad for him to do graffiti!
  8. wonder what is the job of the police? couple went to police station and was told to go to DLT?? what i was night time? this is a criminal offence and police should have been charged the driver there. and really?? : 'he told the cops he would remove the switch himself. '
  9. grab ride is an illegal service. i didnt say grab taxi, you are distorting things. only legal service they have is the one with the legal taxis. Grab car riders really dont give much s t for the ratings. lots for horror stories like customers are charged a lot extra. such services using illegal taxis are getting forbidden in many countries and for a good reason. and yes, grab car is illegal and it is a half Singaporean company too. so you should be stupid to support a Singaporean company offering illegal services, but i am not, i am with locals.
  10. nonsense! if they cant afford 2 million baht, they should leave this business then. Just bc they cannot afford, it is OK to risk people getting squeezed to death even in a small accident? and also: New Toyota Coaster microbus is 1,960,000 thb: https://www.toyota.co.th/en/model/coaster/grade and new Commuter is 1,269.000: https://www.toyota.co.th/en/model/commuter so it is just a mere 700 k in between! with long years of installments it is like paying 6000 thb instead of 5000 thb! So, the advisors of Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob dont know these numbers??? i guess very bad advisers or drivers of vans are pressuring the government and minister. i hate commute ran services!
  11. one third of motorists have no driving license or riding permit!!! so this law will not be effective anyway if they cannot clear the motorists with no relevant license!!!
  12. recently they were saying like Thai Airways are buying new planes and now they say they are selling and leasing some planes? Thai Airways i guess managed like a joke.
  13. many time i witnessed how Thais handle their foreign workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Calling them stupid and even hitting them from their heads etc. They behave them like a piece of s h i t. I remember one case some years go how the thai boss couple burned the body of a small Myanmar worker at the age of like 10 something! I guess this time Thai boss pressed the nerves of the guy hard and myanmar guy killed him. of course there cannot be any reason for such a murder still...
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