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  1. good move. saudis are total bigots and a staunch supporter of wahhabi terrorism. no respect for human rights too. But i wonder; why USA is not in the list? its territories are in the list therefore USA needs to be in the list as well.
  2. bs. article presses totally correct points but as you are brainwashed and hold a hatred towards muslim, you just ignore it. these are very well known facts, all those concentration camps, nazi style. if china was doing this to jews or christians, you were criticizing china now. and like you have seen any uighur in your life, how did you know they were uighurs or muslim? of course some uighur people joined ISIS and involved in terrorism but you just cannot mistreat a whole population just bc of a handful of terrorists.
  3. oh dont tell me israelis dont smoke:) thing is, arabs and Israelis living there are coming from a similar gene pool so most probably, they get the same health issues like Palestinians and arabs there. just admit it. Israel is just an arab state and only difference is like they are jew
  4. yeah, sure it is. anyone with some small consciousness should never put kids in the sight of a gun. except if the main agenda and policy is to exterminate any living palestinian regardless of age of gender. which is the case for Israel.
  5. yeah 14 years old Rambo boys trying to infiltrate, bomb whole Israel and leave. and that is why they need to get shot! so wonder where are those explosives that they are mentioning?? what i see, they are firecrackers. but maybe Israelis soldiers are that coward, they might get scared from the sound of firecrackers and killed the boys.
  6. deadly explosives? where?? what a bs. they throw firecrackers. why distort the facts? kills the kids and then lie like 'hey, they throw dangerous explosives' while they were throwing some firecrackers. Those kids are kids. Israel is murderer of kids and all Israelis are responsible for this, simple is that. no need for some cowardly and stupid lies.
  7. respect. but israeli honesty here and israeli atrocities in Palestine. i guess these honest Israelis are running away from their countries and these are the ones dont want to involve in the bloodshed in palestine.
  8. dont work bc they dont use rubber bullets. and for a reason; to exterminate Palestinians intentionally and age or sex is never important.
  9. another bloody and cowardly act from Israeli Jewhadists! two youngsters died from bullet fire of US made or originated weapons. Killing 14 years old kids reasoning like they are throwing stones and trying to infiltrate. I mean think about it, very scary to have two man army of two youngster Palestinian Special Force Rambos aged 14 and 18!!! They should be killed as they can go destroy all lsrael Army! What Israelis are thinking? Reason to kill more Palestinians to oppress them more or a super paranoia? and trying to infiltrate through the so called border on the lands stolen by Israel! Man it looks like, Israeli army is so coward and scared from 14 years old kids throwing stones and infiltrating! And who will stop this? Europe of US with their double standards and crocodile tears? nope. BDSM all the way. Boycott USrael and all jewhadists! Israel is definitely a rogue state same as Sudan or North Korea with no respect to international rules and agreement and of course zero respect for human rights.
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