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  1. so what about driving from surat now? i guess no need to register with apps and all that nonsense? why is phuket news not reporting anything about this?
  2. i suspect that's all it ever says, the thing is just another way for some bureaucrat to make money pretending to do their job
  3. i just read this https://www.thephuketnews.com/only-urgent-matters-will-allow-passage-onto-island-phuket-police-chief-76085.php i'm hoping to drive to phuket this week so i just registered here https://www.gophuget.com/register/v2/forigner?typeID=0 you have to select arrival date and time which is a bit of a pain as i'm driving and can't guarantee the exact time of arrival and now i have to wait for approval, which i hope comes early tomorrow since i also need to do several other things. anyhow, has anyone used this app yet?
  4. i'm thinking of buying a 2016 forza 300 for longer trips like phuket to samui or even phuket to hua hin. i've test driven one and it feels very comfortable and powerful compared to my PCX but interested to hear from anyone how has toured extensively on a Forza. i've toured 10,000km in Mexico on a CBR500X before which was great but i want a low seat automatic now. my main concern is the heat frankly, i ride a bike every day but mostly short trips and use the car for longer trips so not sure how i feel about been out in the sun on a bike all day. thx
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