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  1. watchmen sounds good https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/tv/watchmen-is-a-fantastic-riff-on-race-and-justice--and-an-excellent-reason-to-keep-hbo/2019/10/17/c7e4a456-eb95-11e9-9306-47cb0324fd44_story.html
  2. didn't parliament pass a law banning a no deal brexit already?
  3. trump is going to be so jealous, he can barely manage to operate an umbrella.
  4. i just watched the first two last night and its hilarious, who knew the norwegians had a sense of humor! it's very pythonesc , great fun, and in english too even through all norwegian actors.
  5. i hurt my wrist about 4 months ago and still cannot properly make a fist or bend my wrist fully. i've had several doctors look and no one seems to know why, so i was thinking of trying something out of the box. has anyone had any experiences with acupuncture here in phuket? any recommendations? thx
  6. a norwegian friend said norsemen was good, haven't tried yet myself https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5905354/
  7. i drove that 2 days ago and now there is a lot of road works, i'd say at least 10 miles or more is been dug up. and surat to chumpon has gone back to the way it was before the resurfacing, very bumpy now.
  8. wow, you have just solved one of the great mysteries of life!
  9. i arrived on a non 0 middle of september and plan to do a married extension in december, how early can you start that extension?
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