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  1. I had this bike shortlisted but got a good deal (due to relocation) on a 2016 CB500F. 125k was a no brainer for an excellent condition bike with 12k on the clock. Only had to change tires at 18k and oil once at 20k km. I think there are better deals out there second hand. Having said that I quite like the CB300R's big brother, but will wait and see if Honda will release the Neo Cafe in 500cc in the future.
  2. Why would you rely on motocy shops to inflate the tire for you? I'm as tech savvy as it gets but you've got to balance out not to rely on tech too much. That's why I decided not to make our new home too smart. Get your ass up to turn on/off the lights. Wake up on time to allow espresso machine to warm up, etc. Put in some effort to check tire pressure, feel it. Same with gear indicators. I can tell what gear is in without the need for it.
  3. https://s.lazada.co.th/s.tQ6z Morton tire pressure gauge. 199 baht and you hit two birds with one stone: check tire pressure and do some stretching/squatting/pumping as well.
  4. Honda recommended settings are 36/42 for my bike. Before I transitioned to the weekly pressure check that's what I did. 10% less than manufacturer's recommendations, one can feel from feedback when riding over humps in residential areas.
  5. I check tire pressure once a week. And honestly if you know your bike you can feel if they need to be inflated or not when going over humps.
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