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  1. BTC is not bitcoin (due to protocol changes) this will answer many of the questions you may have BTC was hijacked and crippled it would take over 40 years for everyone to have just 1 transaction onj BTC mopst people are too blind to see or do not want to do any research or accept any truth as they see number go up on BTC they think that must be the winner BitCoin was never about making fiat profits
  2. sounds like a ponzi........ this is not actually true though, "new blood" would imply "new people" buying when reality is to pump price they need new tethers to buy which are being printed out of thin air at a ridiculous pace
  3. i didnt mention any person or any other coin. At least you know BTC is not Bitcoin, although it might just be subconciously at the moment BitCoin is BitCoin regardless of price or people.
  4. "Crypto" will collapse Only Bitcoin will survive and BTC is NOT Bitcoin DYOR.
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