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  1. all jabs are only approved for emergency use only, what it means is because a country is in a "state of emergency" they can bypass normal protocol (such as animal testing) if the countries are not in a "state of emergency" these jabs would not be approved for emergency use, and would need to go through all the normal saftey testing protocols.
  2. i would much prefer everyone in control of a motor vehicle not have their oxygen intake restricted ensuring their reaction speed is optimal
  3. last year i switched the internet off for 6 months didnt use my phone or PC as i knew what was going to be plastered everywhere, cough cough next time you throw a party, just start disconnecting random devices from your wifi, most people will stop looking at their phone so much if using phone credit, not everyone buys a package these days when most of the time at home or work where there is wifi
  4. For the 4 years you have had your machine, how much is it worth now compared to when you bought it ? (i am assuming you purchased a used machine)
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