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  1. ehh it does, most newsrooms took a look at it, investigated it and found it be lacking in credibility... that is how it works in the real world and not in Trump's head.
  2. both the 2018 Forza and the new 350 are better handling. They are more stable and less flex when cornering hard on them. I used to have the older Forza too, it was decent, but not a patch on these new ones.
  3. I have the new 350, just traded in my 18 300 for it. I had done 40km+ on the older one so thought I would upgrade. Has a new engine and transmission, radiator is at the front now, bigger air box and body work has changed slightly to allow more air into the engine. Everything else is the same. Suspension is OK, it is budget but not too budget. Overall, has more pull, not crazy amount more but it is noticeable and a higher top speed. The downside? Comes with IRC tires which are OK but noisy and just not as good as Pirellis. Worth the price if you are buying
  4. Relatively untested?? https://www.ox.ac.uk/news/2020-05-22-oxford-covid-19-vaccine-begin-phase-iiiii-human-trials#
  5. I know usually to go from and ED visa to a Non-B to then obtain the work permit you have to leave the country, but has this changed due to Covid? I heard some talk about immigration allowing some visas to be changed in country now.
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