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  1. Funny, cos in the UK when things went private e.g. trains, electricity etc. they prices have gone up, yet tax payers still subsidize them and they still get massive tax cuts. What would happen is left unregulated is one company, backed by capital will undercut the others, buy them up, until there is no competition. Then the prices will be jacked up
  2. Guess you have not heard of the defamation laws in Thailand then?
  3. You do know asylum seekers can't get jobs, right? They are not illegal, or as with most people who spout this kind of gibberish you get confused very easily. Most live in detention centers, not B&B, and I bet you haven't the first clue how hard it is to get status, but guys like you never do bother to actually read about it, other than the throw away headlines from the Sun and Mail. Also, guarantee, you will bleat about helping our own and then moan about how the homeless should pull themselves up by their boot straps, or some other meaningless platitude
  4. maybe you should actually look at the actual facts instead of just spouting the usual right-wing nonsense
  5. That is the point, we need vaccines, and until then there needs to be measure to stop the spread - hear immunity is not a strategy. The economic impact, well that just shows how neo-liberal capitalism can't cope with crisis, I don't see what that has to do with herd immunity? Or are you saying sacrifice old people so young people won't go broke, I think there is a better way than that.
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