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  1. 22 hours ago, mikeymike100 said:

    Only if the vaccine has been thoroughly tested. Normally it takes 10 years at least to do that. So what corners have been cut?? Until they  have long term trials no one knows what possible side effects there are!

    No corners have been cut, as the virus is part of the Covid family most of the groundwork had previously been done. They have had trials and lots of them


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  2. 1 hour ago, spidermike007 said:

    Nice. Yeah, I like the look of it, and the instrumentation. Would change tires, first thing, to Michelin or Pirelli. And the handling? Has it improved markedly since the river barge days of the old style Forza? 

    both the 2018 Forza and the new 350 are better handling. They are more stable and less flex when cornering hard on them. I used to have the older Forza too, it was decent, but not a patch on these new ones. 

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  3. On 10/20/2020 at 8:49 AM, spidermike007 said:

    I am considering the latest Forza 350. Anyone have it yet? Not many around. It seems there were some minor improvements, but other than the power train, similar to the 2019 Forza 300. Any owners of either here, who can share their thoughts about the ride and especially the suspension? I hated the old model Forza. Terrible ride. Like a river barge. But, the new bike looks totally redesigned. Thanks. 

    I have the new 350, just traded in my 18 300 for it. I had done 40km+ on the older one so thought I would upgrade.


    Has a new engine and transmission, radiator is at the front now, bigger air box and body work has changed slightly to allow more air into the engine. Everything else is the same. Suspension is OK, it is budget but not too budget. 


    Overall, has more pull, not crazy amount more but it is noticeable and a higher top speed. The downside? Comes with IRC tires which are OK but noisy and just not as good as Pirellis. 


    Worth the price if you are buying new, or upgrading from the 18 model if you have put a lot of KMs on it. I use mine for commuting and other bikes for the weekend rides. 

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  4. 9 minutes ago, Adam86 said:

    Joe, thank you for replying to my other thread. The University who offered me the job said I need to speak to immigration which I did yesterday. Immigration told me it was not possible to change an ED visa to a Non B as the visa type was not in the same category. Really stuck now and keep being passed between people 😔

    and hope you get it sorted out OK

  5. 6 minutes ago, Adam86 said:

    I'm in the same situation. Can I ask how did you manage to get a 6 months extension to your ED visa? My language school said it is not possible. That now immigration is only allowing government run language schools to get new ED visa and for that I'm to late to apply anyway.

    I am studying full time at a university, so we get longer periods for our ED visas. 

  6. 31 minutes ago, ubonjoe said:

    You cannot change non immigrant visa categories while in the country. If on a visa exempt or tourist visa entry it is possible to apply for a non immigrant visa at immigration.

    If your employer can a apply for a work permit for you it would be possible to apply for a extension of stay based upon working.

    I am currently on an ED visa, about to get another 6 months extension. 

  7. 13 hours ago, JerseytoBKK said:

    Scare machine working at full capacity. So based on an incredible study of ONE person, this scare statement draws this headline. He also has ZERO scientific basis to state that she won't recover.


    "Lungs ravaged by COVID-19 can repair themselves in three months, a new study says." 

    source: https://nypost.com/2020/09/08/covid-19-damaged-lungs-can-repair-themselves-in-three-months-study/


    ""I have a patient right now that came to the clinic [after they] lost 20% of their lung function," Galiatsatos said. "Right now, because of rehab, they feel as they felt prior to COVID.""

    source: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/lung-damage-could-be-permanent-for-some-coronavirus-patients-but-new-scans-show-significant-healing-after-12-weeks/ar-BB199saV


    Don't try to find links using Google. Duckduckgo.com has a better chance of showing you articles that aren't part of the propaganda.


    60 MILLION people died last year. Not one from Covid. For far in 2020, just over 1 Million global Covid-related deaths. Total insanity that the the world was shut down because of Covid!



    First of all, scare tactics? For what reason? 


    And yes, some people may get lung capacity back, shock horror not everything is black and white. But, what about those people who have lung damage prior, other health problems, or for some reason can't get their lung capacity back? 

  8. 2 hours ago, LazySlipper said:

    The problem here is that schools are in fact too lax in regards to discipline. -->No fail policy, when kids miss out on 20% attendance they don't get normal summer school where you actually learn ... they just come to school and linger around doing nothing, they can fight with each other without consequence, they can call their foreign teachers 'ai heea' and nothing happens...


    The problem is an all or nothing attitude. When there eventually are consequences they are draconian and physical. I am against corporal punishment and I have been working in this system for almost 20 years. Whenever I start work in a school my first questions is whether there is a discipline policy. I ALWAYS get a dithery answer only to find out that after a week to a month that I have no support and that I am left to my own. 


    The truth is for all of you that have never worked as a teacher here is that most schools DO NOT support their teachers and that the upper admin in their Ivory tower can't be bothered to do anything other than take their tea money and give an impression that they are high up on the totem poll. The very few schools I have worked with that were supportive of their teachers and had a discipline policy were very nice to work for. 


    I usually give lunch time detention (kids have 15-20 minutes to eat and then must come to my class), or lines to deter bad behavior. Does this work? Generally not and funny enough is that I get harsh criticism from the Thai staff who actually whack the kids on their hands with rulers and believe it or not from foreign staff who generally actually do nothing except praise how different things are back home. 


    It is a sad state of affairs the education system in Thailand and unfortunately also back home. When I was a kid I was bullied in class and the teachers never bothered helping. Nowadays there is awareness to the consequences of bullying and some measures have been put into place to prevent this. However, it falls on the teachers and admin to implement it and make sure it is followed.


    Do I support corporal punishment? NO...

    Do I somewhat understand why some teachers do it? YES


    As long as the education system world wide does not start to respect its teachers, implement and enforce discipline policies that teach consequences to make our children responsible citizens we will never see our world become a peaceful place. Personally I blame admin in schools for the failure of the education system. As long as nothing is done by the people in power we will continue to see a society where people like the Red Bull heir can get away with murder, a society where falang people in Thailand and African Americans, Hispanics and Asians and indigenous people are treated as second tier and third tier members of society.

    Bang on about the lack of discipline plans and students not learning consequences - it is usually run around the yard 5 times and then forget about it, there is never a chance to learn or develop good behaviors. 

  9. 3 hours ago, JoePai said:

    Yes they would have employed the staff so I do not understand what the fuss is about :

    It asked if Cafe Amazon would recruit these staff if it were granted the concession. Cafe Amazon said it would do so if selected

    What about the fact that the staff are comfortable with the foundation they are with, that the money the foundation creates goes towards helping other disabled people, that they highlight the needs of disabled people, that the cafe is designed for them to work in, that there is no guarantee that the big corporation will change its mind later etc. etc. etc. 

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