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  1. Yes, my wife told same.. Last day i saw a documentary on you tube on how china have taken over the solar panel market both on quantity and quality, and then also pricing. I thought still Germany and Usa was in the front seat, so its good to get some updated knowledge. Pink
  2. So its rainy season soon, any experience on better deals on solar panels when rainy season ? Pink
  3. How is your experience with Trina? Whats your thoughts on mono vs poly? I think i might go with poly if the deal is the right. used vs new boards? Pink
  4. That is my understanding to, and i think the setup suggested would be the best. 2 serial strings to each combiner box then..? Pink
  5. From manual: PV Connection CAUTION: Before connecting to PV modules, please install separately DC circuit breakers between inverter and PV modules. NOTE1: Please use 600VDC/30A circuit breaker. NOTE2: The overvoltage category of the PV input is II. Please follow the steps below to implement PV module connection Pink
  6. If i use the MPP 8k hybrid inverter it have high V (500v) limit and low A (18 amp) with 2 ports. So i think its constructed for 1 series string to each input. Pink
  7. I had a idea to do a DIY solution with steel bars maybe 1x1 and i will make some some spacers to get it up from the roof panels (like crossy did), i see now thats better Then give them some coat of some protective paint. Then ground them.. Pink
  8. Ok i got the idea. So i could split up each side of the roof in smaller strings for example 3-4 panels per string. 9-12 panels in serial is quite voltage level. Where would you place it? How would you buy it? in bits and pieces? EDIT: If 3 strings connected as marked on the combiner box i see, they will end up as 3x parallel? with 3 times the amp.. Pink
  9. I see combiner box was mention, if i have 2 separate lines. If i use MPP pip 8048 max, i have 2 inputs each 4000 watt max and pv input voltage upto 500v. Means its just one positive and negative wire to each input. I guess that means no combiner box? But i need ground, DC breakers before inverter and lightning protection. Pink
  10. Yes im looking into that too. Look like quite much for the money when buy all in one. But on the other side it remind me about buying ready built pc who some companies offer who is kind of game over when you get a issue because the whole pc must be sent to service, not only the part with issue. When it comes to all in one i like MPP solar, and consider the 8kv 48v or 2 x 5kv 48v. But i want something that last, so i consider run a all in on setup on 70-80% capacity, not maxing it out. Pink
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