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  1. "...Some congressional Republicans expressed dismay following the president's announcement..." 'Dismay'? Are you kidding me? The Republicans wailed, moaned and cried about Obama being an 'Executive President', yet this is way, way, way more of a power grab; this is usurping Congress' power of the purse for no good reason. Repeat, for no good reason; there is no emergency. I am disgusted with Trump, but I have to say that I am even more disgusted with the Republican party; Trump is an idiot, but there are many in the Republican party who aren't idiots, yet enable the Moron to trample over US Constitutional and Democratic norms like they were meaningless. The BS "Emergency Powers" debate will demonstrate once and for all if the Republican party has any principles or is simply a collection of spineless jellyfish addicted to corporate money and pay-offs. It is a shocking thing to say, but for the last two years the US Republican party members of Congress have shared huge similarities with the current Thai NLA membership. i sincerely hope, for the sake of the US, that the Republicans find their backbone. PS In my attempt to always try to find a 'silver lining' in everything, I will say this; if this BS emergency goes through, then the US Republican party won't be able to complain when the next Democrat President declares a Gun Emergency and confiscates all guns, then declares a Climate Change Emergency and shuts down polluting factories, and declares a Woman's Health Emergency and makes abortion legal everywhere, For a start. Be careful what you wish for, Republicans/Trump supporters.
  2. Whether a person is for or against Brexit doesn't really matter at this point; crashing out of the EU without some agreement in place is irresponsible madness. It is the equivalent of moving out of one's flat without another place to live. Never before have I seen a country so utterly determined to shoot itself in the crotch.
  3. "...The bipartisan legislation, passed by the Republican-led Senate on Thursday before going to the Democratic-led House of Representatives for final congressional approval, denied Trump the funds he had demanded for a border wall, one of his central 2016 campaign pledges..." Trump, the "Great Negotiator", got spanked (Slap! Slap!). There is no other way to see this; Trump got out-maneuvered, out-negotiated and out-played; he is a pee-wee, minor-leaguer compared to the real Pros. "...he will also take other executive action - including a national emergency - to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said..." There is no 'National Emergency'; he is a weak, tiny, small-handed, little person. Anyone notice that there was no emergency when the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate? Anyone notice that there was no emergency when he ran? What has changed? Nothing. Nothing has changed, except the crying little baby has been refused and sent to bed crying. Wah! Wah! Sob! Sob! I have said it before and (sadly) need to say it again; Donald Trump is an ever-expanding cloud of toxic waste that defiles everything it touches. God help us all.
  4. "...The bill requires owners to ensure accommodation, food, safety, welfare and work conditions on their boats are in line with seven related laws, including the fisheries law, labour relations law and compensation law. Thailand ratified the C188 earlier this month..." This all sounds very nice, but does anyone think that there will be serious enforcement? The likeliest outcome is that Thailand will have a pretty new law to point to when foreigners complain, but serious enforcement will continue to be a joke. As much as I would like to believe that Thailand is actually serious about this, I would need definitive proof that proper rules and conditions for the workers are actually enforced. Sorry Thailand, your reputation precedes you...
  5. "...The approved drafts included three announcements designed to grant amnesty to government agencies, private firms, community enterprises, practitioners of traditional Thai medicine, research organisations, patients and everybody else who use and possess cannabis..." Kudos to you, Thailand!!! This is an enlightened step that I wasn't expecting, and one several other countries could learn from (yes, I mean you, America). Honestly, I think removing the criminal aspect is the single most important element of the process; giving people a criminal record and/or jailing them for something so widespread and common is dumb as hell. And, once you accept that it is dumb as hell, then amnesty, pardons, purging previous arrests and convictions is the proper way to proceed. Good on you, Thailand! I didn't think you'd be demonstrating such wisdom. I would say that I am relieved to see this but; "...Marijuana is believed to be useful for patients battling Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stress, chronic pain, and nausea related to chemotherapy..." I think my stress levels are still a wee bit too high...
  6. I love this kind of stuff! (Why yes, I am a long-time Star Trek/Star Wars fan. How did you know?) Just think; from the time of our distant ancestors humans have been looking up at the night sky and learning. Below are links to two sites which provide all the information that you might want to enhance the experience and amaze your friends. Above and beyond the science element, I am an early morning, pre-dawn cyclist. The sheer beauty of these moons here on Samui is beyond my words to explain; where are the poets when you really need them? Whether it is just before bed or soon after an early rise, enjoy! https://earthsky.org/human-world/what-is-a-supermoon https://www.space.com/34515-supermoon-guide.html
  7. "...Women would be given Bt3,000 per month for all nine months of their pregnancy and another Bt10,000 to cover delivery expenses. After birth, the child will be provided a monthly subsidy of Bt2,000 until it turns six. Each family would receive a total Bt181,000 per child.." It is hard to argue that Thai infants/children don't need a helping hand; most modern research into human development places huge emphasis on what occurs between the ages of 0-6. However; "...He pointed out that this amount was much higher than the Bt180 billion earmarked every year for the Universal Healthcare scheme, which covers 47 million people..." There is also great validity with the above; it does not make a lot of sense to treat an infant properly, then dump him/her into a hugely sub-standard school system and progress into a life of menial labour with sub-standard health care. If Thailand is going to attempt to care for its infants/people properly, then it should make a commitment to care for all its people properly. Get rid of the Bureaucracy's and Military's private health scheme and have ONE, UNIVERSAL health service that is properly funded. Reform the Education system so that overall quality and regional disparities are dealt with. Create policies which allow for economic development in ALL areas of the country. Enact a tax system whereby the wealthy actually pay their fair share, and include property taxes. Reform the Police, the Bureaucracy, the Military and State employees (I.e. the ENTIRE State Apparatus) so that they act within their purview and provide proper services to the general populace. Etc Etc. Etc. Yes, I am dreaming, but if Thailand is serious about creating a good society, then the aspirational goals should be a rule of law based society, equal access to social services, and respect for the Thai people delivered through allowing proper, fair elections. As much as I would like to believe that there is some serious intent here, it looks like political lip-service which will be forgotten if the military continues in power after their "election". "...“I agree that every party needs to come up with policies to win votes, but this one is not only going to bankrupt our country; it clearly looks like Phalang Pracharat is planning to use our tax money to buy votes,” he said..." Hard to argue with the last comment above...
  8. "...Carney, a Canadian..." Hmm... If a Canadian said it, then obviously it must be true! (cue the abuse...)
  9. "...Another botched case has turned unwanted global spotlight on Thailand’s treatment of political refugees..." A suspicious person might think that Thai authorities refrain from applying global norms and best practices to other countries political refugees in the hope that those same norms and practices are not applied when Thailand requests its political refugees be extradited. A cynical view to be sure...
  10. "...Even senior officials and experts in the Agriculture and Cooperatives Ministry, including Deputy Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister Wiwat Salyakamthorn, say we do not have to waste three years just for banning paraquat when we already have the technology to effectively control weeds right now,” Prokchol said..." I am not a farmer nor do I bring a clear understanding to this issue, but... This seems like it is simply giving money to corporate interests at the expense of Thai people's health. Anyone dispute that? Anyone disagree? First against the wall when the revolution comes (after the lawyers of course)!
  11. The scientists were eagerly gathered around the giant machine, rubbing their hands together, excitedly. One scientist pushed the button and stepped back as the low hum from the machine slowly picked up volume. Soon, the lights began flashing in a rhythmic fashion while meters, dials and graphs rose and fell. Finally, the machine seemed to settle, an imagined 'sigh' seemed to flow from everywhere at the same time... Scientist #1: Great machine! Can you hear us? Machine: Hmm... Yes. Scientist#2: Great machine; you are the greatest Artificial Intelligence (AI) entity ever created! Machine: Hmm... Yes Scientist #1: Great machine, will you answer questions for us? Machine: Hmm... Yes Scientist #2: Please answer the one question that has been beguiling mankind for millennia; is there a God? Machine: Hmm... There is now!
  12. Further responses included; 96.2% of respondents gave obvious answers to idiotic questions 87.9% of respondents believed in unicorns 72.8% of respondents wanted good candidates to be victorious 88.9% of respondents wanted ice-cream after dinner four times a week 94.1% of respondents thought water was 'wet' 96.3% of respondents thought afternoon naps were a 'good thing' 77.2% of respondents wished to purchase 'magical beans' so that it would improve their harvest yields
  13. "...In a related development, the National Council for Peace and Order set up a war room to closely monitor current movements that could instigate chaos in the country, a junta source said..." I am told that there have been reports of Thai citizens putting up posters of a political nature, making speeches of a political nature, postings made on Facebook and other social media platforms of a political nature and congregating in groups of more than five people in meeting(s) described as being "political in nature". These trouble-makers will be investigated, monitored closely and their activities curtailed if/as necessary. (sadly, I need to point out that I am joking...)
  14. First, well done to the OP for accepting that, at age 49, it is time for this kind of thing; I (reluctantly) came to a similar decision a relatively short while ago and am pleased that I did. Second, I second @Tropicalevo's post above; I have visited Dr Apple and think she is great. To clarify the directions, when traveling from Mae Nam/Bophut to Cheweng, go through the ring road traffic lights at the Bophut police station, slightly past the Bophut market, and take your first right (100M or so). Go along that road for a bit until you see a sign telling you to turn right again. I would also endorse the suggestion of the new Doc in Bangrak; I haven't visited, but know people who have and they were pleased. Third, @steelerian, the cost of doing it is usually cheaper at a clinic rather than a hospital, but will depend on what exactly you are checking for. Ask. Finally, I will draw your attention to a thread started by @Tropicalevo some time ago; it is slightly dated, but still the best thread on doctors/costs/clinics/general health on Samui that I have seen. Mods; perhaps this could be pinned?
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