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  1. +1; I fully agree with @Andrew Dwyer above. Simply put, today's column, while well-written and interesting, could have been authored by 20-30+ different members. And, if the column could have been authored by 20-30+ different posters, why does this TWTW column still exist? What precisely differentiates it from the 50,000+ other Covid-19 posts? I used to enjoy TWTW as the author could and did draw on his long experience in-country to try to bring different aspects of Thailand to members. Did he always succeed? Well, no, but it usually was interesting to read a Bangkok mi
  2. Hi KP It looks like (yet another!) T.I.T. moment. Bloody Hell. I got the June 1st date from the nice lady (nurse?) when I registered yesterday (I am under 60), and I quadruple-checked it, up to and including writing it out 2 different ways and showing them to her. Further, there was another under-60 who registered right beside me with another nice lady (nurse?) who also was told June 1st. I can't explain the disparities between the different sources of information. Looks like even more fun trying to figure out which is correct. Hmm..
  3. Morning @Tropicalevo "I believe that it is for over 60's at the moment. Can you confirm that Samui Bodoh? Everyone that I know who has registered is over 60 years old." No, this is not correct. Registration for the free vaccine(s) is open to all adult foreigners. You need to bring ID; the preference is for either the Pink Thai ID card or a Thai Driver's License, but if needed you can register with your passport. You do not need a work permit. You do not need to have an app on your phone (they didn't ask me about it nor did I see them ask
  4. First of all, many thanks Mr. T! I just went down to Chaweng and registered; it took me all of 20 minutes. The registration is taking place in the white, open air building on the lake next to the community exercise equipment and the traffic roundabout. Hmm... it is also right across/directly across the street from the back entrance of TOPS Supermarket. Registration is open today until 4 PM, tomorrow and (I think) until Monday. The vaccines are AstraZeneca for those over 60 on June 7th and Sinovac for those under 60 on June 1st. The shots will be given at either Central
  5. Interesting article; members should go read the full text. That said, the focus seems to be trying to persuade that the medical side of weed should be prioritized over the commercial side, and I would argue that that is a false choice; both sides have valid objectives and both sides are valid economic opportunities. The purely medical/therapeutic side of using weed is quite clear and has been demonstrated in many counties around the world for many years now. Thailand should increase the use government funds for research to enhance and promote medicines derived from the
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