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  1. Hi All Yesterday I re-entered Thailand with a Multiple Re-Entry permit and nothing bad occurred. I spent about one minute at the counter, had my fingerprints scanned, my passport stamped and got a nice smile from the lady at Immigration. This now makes approximately 50 consecutive entries/visits without the slightest issue from Immigration. I think it is important to remind all that my situation is the norm. Cheers PS Thanks to all who participate in this Forum; it is a priceless resource!
  2. It is clear that the UK is leaving the EU. That said, at the moment it seems like the prime consideration in every decision is Boris' political future and pre-positioning for the next election. This is a momentous, historic time for the UK; it is unseemly that it be sullied for raw, partisan considerations. History will not be kind...
  3. This may or may not be true, but... I stopped flying with Thai Airways a long time ago because of over-priced tickets and lousy service.
  4. You are a drunk driver. As far as I am concerned, you deserved a fine of 100,000 plus; stop whining. You paid a bribe to the police. Do you think that you are getting it back? A refund? You are going to lodge a complaint AFTER you bribed a cop? Grow up. You got off far, far, far easier than you deserve. Learn from it and move on.
  5. And an increase of 300% more nonsense coming from TAT!
  6. "...According to an online search, Thailand is not among the top 15 countries with the greatest gaps between rich and poor. But i agree the number of poor are likely growing in LOS, but is also occurring globally...." Respectfully, this is flat out, completely, utterly, 100% incorrect. https://livingasean.com/explore/thailand-income-equality-wealth-report-2018-indonesia-economy/ Or you can simply google the Bangkok Post for the same numbers (Mods frown on BP links). Thailand has the highest income inequality in ASEAN and is number 4 in the world (2018 figures). As I noted in my post above, that isn't a selling point to the Thai masses, so someone else besides the Thai Hi-So's need to be blamed. And, foreigners are blamed because blaming people who don't look like you is easy; see Donald Trump. It is neither a new practice, a practice with a sense of decency, nor ethically defensible. However, it often works. Sadly
  7. Respectfully, I think that while you guys are telling a fairly accurate story, you are also omitting some key info. Yes, there have been and always will be some bad foreigners. Yes, there have been some horror show incidents of kiddy-fiddling and other heinous crimes. Yes, there have been some foreigners who have skipped out on their hospital/hotel/restaurant/etc bill. Yes, some bad visitors. You know what else has changed? The ideological, economic and cultural outlook of the Thai leadership class/caste, and they have opted for a policy of blaming foreigners; it is the same ugly <deleted> that Trump and the like use. Life for the average Thai person hasn't improved much, despite the tall buildings in Bangkok, despite the infrastructure in Bangkok, despite the newly paved roads in Bangkok, despite the office jobs in Bangkok, despite the availability of special foods in Bangkok, despite the shopping malls in Bangkok, Etc. Anyone notice a pattern? Thailand's economic development has been limited to very small groups and locations, and that doesn't sell well to the wider population. So, blame the foreigner. I also started visiting in the 90's, and I find my life, at a micro-level, still as wonderful as always and the Thais as nice as can be. It is only when the macro-level blame game starts that people react negatively. It is very simple; Thailand is developing with massive, massive inequality, and someone needs to be blamed for that. And, as seen in time immemorial, it is always the "Other". It is sad to watch. Everyday you see newspaper stories of 'evil' foreigners. Everyday you see newspaper stories of 'international criminals'. Everyday you see newspaper stories of foreigners 'taking Thai jobs'. It goes on and on, everyday. Again and again. But, day to day it is the most wonderful place to live, I adore the Thai people, have many friends, and will be here for a long time. Period.
  8. We are a decade or so away from a world where there are two world class navies capable of projecting power far from their shores, and that'll have some major consequences. Many believe that there will be naval 'contests' and 'frictions' around the world and especially around Africa in a competition for resources. But, I have never really bought that; I have always felt that the development of a Chinese navy is solely to deliver "defense-in-depth'. I've long felt that the Chinese B&R policy will (eventually and subtly) try to create land-links among far-flung shores as too great a reliance on naval power is dangerous and expensive. And, I have also long thought that one day China will simply stand up and announce that there will be no further business or discussion of any kind with the Western world, coupled with an invitation that can't be refused to its Asian neighbours. No huff, no puff, just declare that they are done with the West, period. The remaining question, in my view, is when? I always thought that it would not occur in the next twenty years or so, but as I look out into the world, I am not so sure anymore. May you live in interesting times.
  9. So, Boris is trying to figure out a way to sell out the people of NI. What a surprise... If a British PM was willing to screw over their own people so badly and create a British border in the Irish sea, then a deal could have been reached a long time ago. Why not just grant independence to Northern Ireland and allow for unification? Erin go Bragh! Master negotiator indeed...
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