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  1. Abandoned strip mall, Bangkok. Some very 'unique' street art murals here, creative & fairly weird. Thanks to Beyond Beaten Path on Instagram for the reference.
  2. Hello, I've been working on documenting disused/abandoned structures around Thailand for the past year or so via photo series', and am always on the lookout for new subjects. There are a seemingly endless number of such locations around the country, and each one has it's own unique character and usually some beauty to be found amongst the decay and ruin. I've started this topic both as a means for us to share locations of unique abandoned places around the country, and for forum members to share images that convey their perspective of these places. I look forward to seeing others' images and of hearing their experiences. Please include any key info about the sites including local directions(drop a Google Maps pin if you can) or possible dangers/trespassing need-to-know's, as we certainly don't want anyone to get in any trouble by visiting guarded private property. * Please note that the Sathorn Unique 'ghost tower' is, as of the time of writing, off limits & blocked off via fence, with threats of prosecution to trespassers. Also, it's well-known and documented. It would be great to use this forum as a means to share lesser-known derelict locations around the country. I'll start with a few directions to some sites I've either discovered or heard about and visited - Abandoned train cars in Samut Sakhon - Their Location Abandoned Batman Nightclub Pattaya - Location Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok - Location Abandoned Jittapawan College Pier - Location Abandoned Mansions in Nakhon Pathom - This site is inhabited by two families and they have requested for me not to share their location so as to avoid masses of tourists. Apologies.
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