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  1. On 11/9/2016 at 3:43 PM, gomangosteen said:

    Also from Chanthaburi province, a glimpse of one section of a hotel complex at the main entrance to Namtok Phliu National Park, on Sukhumvit 3 heading towards Khlung/Trat province

    Another victim of 1997 financial crisis



    Hi gomangosteen, I was wondering if you know if this place is still there?  I'll be in Chanthaburi next weekend & would like to check it out.  Thanks for any updates!

  2. On 8/31/2019 at 9:08 PM, kickstart said:

    As a PS ,I heard today that the dam management   wanted to lift and remove the Buddha statue to somewhere where it could be seen all the time ,but the locales said no and ,so I was told they  blocked the road  and stopped the removing of the statue ,they said with  all the people coming to visit the old temple they lively hood will be stopped ,ie sellers  selling flowers and incense sticks for merit making ,plus of cause all the food sellers.

    I said in about 6 weeks it should all be under water again,so one will have any access at all.   






    I said in  about 6 weeks  it should all be under water again .


    It's such an interesting place, though sad because of all of the trash strewn about.  I was there last month, noticed all the vendors selling the usual food with plastic containers but no bins in sight.  It's a sad place really, seen as a 'lucky' place to make merit/buy lottery tickets but represents so much of the way that we've treated the environment, the effects of climate change & plastic waste on display.  Also got some drone footage.

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  3. I meant to add info regarding the images:

    1. A propaganda mural at a (formerly) secret military base that housed the Volkhov anti-aircraft missile defense system.  I believe this was the former canteen.
    2. A science classroom at Pripyat Middle School Number 3.  
    3. The Azure swimming pool
    4. The Pripyat city jail/police station, remained open for another 11 years after the accident.
    5. Nursery School Number 3 in Pripyat.  Dolls are creepy, I especially hate them now after this trip, there were so many.
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  4. On 12/25/2018 at 9:30 PM, helbob said:

    Locals like play paintball here and someone use a opiumpipe. On the stairs and the upper floor much shit of the dove. In the night creepy there.




    Excellent pictures, I've heard about that place in the past but didn't know where it was.  Would it be possible to give some basic directions?  I'm planning to go to Kanchanaburi later in January.  Thanks a lot for any info & for the continued shares!

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