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  1. Gun shops have sold out of Ar15,s they will go underground. Last time they did this only 1800 of 76000 imported mssa were handed in. The legisation will miss the point. This nutter was not a citizen or a resident even. He should not have been allowed a gun license. But instead they punish us the Public for their own shortcomings
  2. Semi automatcs with a 5-7 mag would be safe enough. But this madman used a loophole in the law to buy 30 round mags and i suspect got a bumpstop. I prefer hunting with a semi because i am not as quick with a bolt anymore.
  3. Sadly this is my home city. These syco,s come bere and kill people at prayer. All of us are disgusted by this act live streamed by this psycho. To see him execute women and children and clai. He is defending us. I only wish we still hung people. I would go and watch.
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