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  1. Thailand has never been an adventurous country or empire builder, it has no tradition of people moving abroad. Add to that a fairly unique culture. I suspect most young Thai’s would be homesick.
  2. I was reading a comment posted on a local newspaper about Seychelles. The poster was a vaccine sceptic and was pointing out that the Seychelles population has a high percentage of vaccinated people yet the virus is still spreading. I wondered about that, as the UK and Israel appear to be doing well? It seems that the Seychelles have been using the Chinese vaccine ... so it may not be as effective as the others. I’m sceptical about Russia also, it may be an effective vaccine but I’m not sure how rigorously it was tested.
  3. Yes, but I don’t accept your premise that it represents a lowering of standards. What it does is focus the mind of the Thai government. And if they are in the UK and they post something derogatory about the Queen, we should jail them.
  4. You said “so I told him” ... but it’s a lady? Typo perhaps but probably accurate ... some guy sitting in an Internet cafe in Lagos looking for a mug to scam.
  5. I think the US, Europe and Australasian countries should pass a reciprocal rights bill, that applies to all foreign visitors. So a Thai visitor would be denied healthcare until all indigenous citizens had been served, be told to report every month to immigration, and pay 5 times more to enter zoos, theme parks and national parks. it’s only fair.
  6. It’s unbelievable that a news report should link a previous suicide in a house to a murder by stabbing, as somehow being a factor in explaining the stabbing. A drunk idiot stabbed a woman out of jealousy ... the fact that something gruesome happened in the house at some time in the past is irrelevant. Will the drunk idiot’s defence be that he was forced into it against his will by dark forces connected to the house? This is Thailand indeed!
  7. Just had a search on You Tube for the Irish bloke who goes by the name "The Good Farang", but no trace of him or any of his videos. Does anyone know what happened to him?
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