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  1. It's not looking good for Mr Armitage, but that doesn't in itself make him guilty. For that you need some solid evidence. Colin Stagg was castigated in the UK media and considered by all to be a guy that "got away with murder". A few years later DNA evidence found the real killer, Colin Stagg was innocent. Best keep an open mind until the evidence is revealed.
  2. According to the original post the loan has been outstanding a few days?
  3. Common sense is not that common amongst human beings. A few weeks back I closed my front door and left the key in the other side of the door ... I messed up, I wasn’t thinking. The locksmith was sympathetic but he still screwed me over with the bill. People make stupid mistakes, and sometimes others pay for them. What i probably think is that you have no idea idea what I probably think? So why get angry and “disgusted” about something that is a product of your own imagination?
  4. I heard last night that 60% of people in work voted remain? If accurate it indicates why so many Brexit zealots are happy with a no deal crash out ... they are either retired or unemployed.
  5. I bet something inside you glows when you hear of a death?
  6. It won’t stink as much as his wife if the toilet story is true? Sounds a bit fishy, like the OP is the target of a “shakedown”?
  7. The only way to lend it real credibility is to make it a second referendum ... and then we can test all the Brexiteer theories about "will of the people". By the look of Nigel Farage's march there doesn't seem to be much of that left.
  8. Gene Isaac Stees ... Ohio University professor ... hit his wife over the head with a crowbar and pulled a plastic bag over her head to cut off her breathing. George Zinkhan - University of Georgia professor ... killed his wife and two others. Eric Muenter - Harvard professor ... killed his wife with arsenic. Tom Murray - Kansas State University professor ... murdered his estranged wife.
  9. A world famous celebrity like Culkin would be untouchable ... so I've no reason to doubt his statement. Given that he's had all sorts of drug issues as a young adult it's unlikely that abuse took place and is being hidden. Paedos go for those that are vulnerable, the one's least likely to expose them ... they don't go for every kid.
  10. Sure, but I’m not envious if their claim to fame is being given a hand job by Michael Jackson ... shamoan!!
  11. Living somewhere and the pollution is causing mouth and nose bleeding? Chiang Mai is to be avoided as a permanent residence.
  12. Sure, but no one can say for sure that his wife did not leave him for another man?
  13. It’s not impossible that his wife left him for another man. Given that they had children together it’s strange that he never tried to find her whereabouts? It’s not looking good, but it is impossible for him to have a fair trial in a country with no evidence. That can only take place in England.
  14. Culkin is and was too high profile. So if he is saying that he was never molested then I think it’s highly likely that he is telling the truth. The two men who spoke up, who were “nobodies” in comparison, were a lot more vulnerable ... I’m inclined to believe their accounts.
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