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  1. There is simply no time left to get the legislation through so it is simply inevitable that there will be an extension to Article 50. When Japanese companies locate they make a long-term commitment, they are not fly-by-night merchants. So when Honda sets up in a city, and that city votes Brexit, and the Government can give no reassurances, the Japanese no longer feel that they are obligated ... and leave. It's not just 3,500 jobs, it's the suppliers and the local merchants that serve those workers ... Swindon will soon be a ghost town, just like Linwood in Scotland was in the 1970's when the car factory closed down. For Swindon's Brexit voting populace project fear has suddenly become project reality. They're finally getting what they voted for. And "they don't like it up em"!
  2. A can of deodorant on the desk with a polite note ... “you stink” should do the trick.
  3. You are mocking people who can’t get a hold of 800,000 Baht and park it in a bank for a period of time? Losers you call them? So we can presume from your posts that you can do this easily? So those “losers” have merely saved you the bother of requesting a letter from your Embassy. My point stands ... it makes no difference to your life what other people do but you seem to get great pleasure out of seeing them leave their families. You don’t sound like a “winner” in the decent human being stakes to me.
  4. The majority would favour a farang with wearing shorts, a Chang vest and an array of Thai related tattoos.
  5. What's with the glee at people leaving their home? Whether someone bent the rules or not makes no frigging difference to your life.
  6. My personal preference is to enter and leave Thailand on a legitimate tourist visa, and move around other countries before returning by the same means. So I avoid immigration visas and I don’t have to deposit money or own assets in Thailand. The gaps in stays keep me off the radar of immigration. I keep a low profile whilst in Thailand, keep away from illegal activities or trouble spots, and avoid any obvious rip-offs and scams. If I were unlucky enough to have a serious medical issue I can cover it with my own funds. My objective is to take advantage of the many pluses of Thailand and avoid the bulk of the negatives. I realise that’s not for everyone but is possibly the least risky option.
  7. The more assets you have in your wife's name ... the more expendable you become. Only buy if it represents a small fraction of your wealth.
  8. I think you have made the right decision, and kudos to you for having the courage to explain that decision very eloquently. As much as I love Thailand I would never want to grow old there, so for me it is a place to spend time in but not retire to. As people are discovering, the rules can change anytime. Your best point was that everyone should have an exit plan. I totally agree. Best of luck.
  9. Bear in mind you have a military junta running the place and that might change after the elections, so these restrictions may well be changed again by the new regime. If families start to lose breadwinners that might encourage a rethink.
  10. I’ve given some thought to this because, as much as I like Thailand, I’d rather move around and not be stuck in one place. I suspect you could spend, for example, Jan-Mar and Aug-Oct in Thailand and spend Apr-Jul in Philippines, Cambodia, or Vietnam, and then Nov-Dec back in these countries or somewhere like Bali, before returning to Thailand. So you spend 6 months in Thailand with sufficient gaps not to draw attention to immigration. Another idea was to get an Ed Visa for six months and live in Thailand June to November, and spend the other six months in a neighbouring country. Advantage is that you could stay anywhere in Thailand outside of the Smokey season ... although that works for me, who has no family ties in Thailand, it may not for others. Advantage is that I would not have the hassle of retirement visa or have to buy an elite visa. Just a thought. I wonder I feel anyone else has a similar idea?
  11. Why would a Police officer, anywhere in the world, send a report to the prosecutor detailing no crime? Dear Prosecutor Mr X was caught on camera driving his pickup through a green light. Later, he was observed leaving Big C with five items in a bag, and a receipt that matched exactly those items.
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