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  1. I love Chiang Mai also, but couldn’t live there due to the nasty air pollution ... maybe you like wearing a mask half the year?
  2. You can imagine him in his house, cigarette in one hand, pint in the other, dancing to a Gary Glitter album!
  3. Are you not the same guy who told me that we'd be leaving on 31 March 2019 ... ? Wrong again. There is not one EU country that would throw away political capital to help engineer a no deal Brexit ... Orban knows that the EU would turn off the money tap. If an extension is needed, for an election or referendum, it will be granted.
  4. Thankfully, quite a few of them have had a stroke ... so the confirmatory referendum attached to Boris's deal will be fun.
  5. Name one Liberal Democrat who would vote for this deal? The deal will pass, subject to a second referendum ... otherwise it will not get through.
  6. I reckon you’re fine to enter Thailand on a tourist visa that’s extendable by 30 days and use that time to secure a teaching job. I’m not sure that arriving then departing then arriving again is a great plan .... unless you have little history of coming in and out of Thailand? Could you not go to Tokyo first to avoid that?
  7. I was thinking the same thing ... deportation is a blessing. What was she thinking having drugs on her in Thailand? That's something you leave at your home country.
  8. A "no deal" crash out might well have resulted in 31 Baht ... but a deal with a smooth transition is a real positive for GBP. So hardly phony?
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