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  1. I only ever saw George Best once, he played for Hibernian against St Mirren at Love Street, Paisley ... he was overweight and way past his peak, on a play for pay deal. Despite that his touch, positional play and football IQ was really outstanding. You saw glimpses of the great player he undoubtedly was, despite his much lower fitness level.
  2. I don’t think many Olympians won gold medals on cocaine? You have to be careful with the “drugs cheat” label ... surely it doesn’t apply to recreational drug users? I don’t think heroin or cocaine improved anyone’s performance, quite the opposite. Maradona was no Lance Armstrong or Ben Johnson, who used performance enhancing drugs. Maradona was great despite abusing his body with recreational drugs. I can understand the bitterness of some (not all) England fans, but the simple truth is that you weren’t going to win that game even if the “hand of God” incident didn’t happen. Get ove
  3. I like Mexican food. And Chinese. And some Thai. And some Japanese sushi occasionally. German is surprisingly good also.
  4. You could say that of many footballers ... the Leeds United team in the 70’s under Revie, Graham Souness, Vinnie Jones and the Wimbledon team, Tommy Smith ... and many others. I think ultimately Maradona will be remembered for his exceptional ability. I don’t personally believe the so-called “hand of God” incident would have changed the outcome as Argentina were the better team.
  5. That looks like a 17 year old Maradona in Glasgow? Argentina played Scotland in a friendly in 1979, as world champions. My boys club football team had organised some tickets, but I never went. And then went to training later to hear everyone rave about a kid called Maradona, who tore Scotland to shreds ... regret not going to this day.
  6. He was an amazing talent, and his presence in a team could transform it from ordinary to exceptional. No disrespect to Ronaldo or Messi, but they couldn’t have made Napoli into a league winner.
  7. I think my assumption is largely correct, given the number of Range Rovers driven in London that will never see a country lane. My main point however is that it’s pretty dumb to spend 2 times plus the European price for any of these cars, however much money you have.
  8. I understand why they do. They are pretentious. But we’re talking about cars ... in Thailand. Paying more than twice the European price for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi is equally stupid. Unless of course you just want people to look at you and think you are rich? And people like that seldom are.
  9. I’ve owned a few BMW’s and driven Mercedes and Audi, but I don’t think they are superior to a decent Honda or Toyota, and certainly not better than a Lexus. The point really is that they are not worth the price you have to pay in Thailand. And I don’t like second hand cars, you don’t know how they’ve been treated.
  10. I’d buy a decent 4X4 ... Everest, Fortuner, Mitsubishi, Honda. As much as I like BMW and Mercedes, they seem to be double the European price? I wouldn’t pay that.
  11. There are many sad stories in Thailand, but are they really your problem? Be careful your good nature and kind heart isn’t being taken advantage of. Your wife’s brother is responsible for these children, not you.
  12. What does buying a condo in Bangkok as an expat actually mean? It is effectively a 30 year lease, combined with annual maintenance charges. Sure, some people may be fortunate enough to sell a few years later for more than they paid, if market conditions permit. But many I have read about have lost money or ended up with an asset that is difficult to sell. Buying a condo in Thailand is no slam dunk.
  13. Some of the replies you are getting are woeful. My own take is that I would rent and invest the capital sum saved in a fund that tracks the general market. It will go up and down but should appreciate over 10-20 years. That may well compensate you for the additional rental costs. The added advantage is that you don’t need to stress about bad neighbours, deteriorating buildings, or the hassle of finding a buyer. You will be free to move ... and if there are internal political issues anytime in the future you won’t be stuck with a stranded asset.
  14. I would agree with you about it being a great place, but you forgot to mention the pollution, which lasts months. And that’s why, even though I really like the place, I could never live there full time.
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