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  1. Yes Nigel Farage ... turns up to his depleted March, then buggers off leaving the sodden troops to traipse down A roads ... like lemmings. Useful idiots.
  2. You keep being told, but you never listen? On the 29th March 2019 (not long to wait) come back to us all and explain why a man with your high level of ability (even if you do say so yourself) got it so wrong? I’ll have the popcorn at the ready.
  3. Nigel doesn't seem to think it's a done deal? And neither do I if May's deal gets binned.
  4. On another point, you'd think that Nigel Farage's march would be able to scrape up a small % of that 17.4 million? Instead of a sorry bunch traipsing down the hard shoulder of an A road in the peeing rain ... where are they?
  5. The bus was in the wrong, I agree with you on that, but the truck driver was simply driving too fast ... he should have been driving at a pace that would allow him to avoid collision. A horn doesn’t help you if you are going at high speed.
  6. I feel for the two innocents on the scooter, hope they make a good recovery. On Thai roads you need to drive with caution and expect other drivers to do something stupid, and that means driving slowly, so that your braking systems can avoid a collision. The pick up just driving too fast to deal with the bus decision to cross the junction. So typical in Thailand unfortunately.
  7. "No deal" is the brexiteer big con about what people voted for ... and yet none of them campaigned for that outcome ... so how could anyone have voted for it? There is no mandate for it, and never has been. What people voted for was the "sunny upland" version of Brexit that doesn't exist.
  8. Yes, but at least you are close to your Yabba wholesaler in Myanmar.
  9. People were promised they'd get all the same benefits ... by David Davis among others. We'd all get cake, and we'd get to eat it. No one campaigned for Dover chaos, or WTO ... we were promised trade deals signed the day we left? People voted for what they were promised ... not something, no deal, that no leave politician campaigned for.
  10. Agreed. This is another "big lie" ... blatant lying, and then doubling down on lies appears to be the new politics ... and journalists fail to call them out on it.
  11. I thought you'd be too busy to post ... organising that party on the 29th?
  12. It was a people's vote March ... so the same people who voted Leave can still do so. The petition was about revoke A50.
  13. I like the New Town area of Edinburgh, but the old town has a great deal of charm. Great place to visit in August, Festival time.
  14. "Teddy", the clue is in the name ... he's an Ibrox man ... near Govan, but closer to Teddy's mecca!
  15. So your colleagues didn’t live with your wife quite often either? Interesting relationship ... are you Scandinavian?
  16. The Conservative Party is currently being held to ransom by a bigoted clique in Northern Ireland? The ransom paid was £1billion.
  17. Come back to us on 29th March 2019 and explain how such a legally skilled person could have got it so wrong when debating with someone who can only dream of attaining such skills. ... cheer us all up.
  18. The IRA didn’t attack Glasgow, because they have many supporters there ... so no point in doing so.
  19. Mosley was a Nazi sympathiser. He’d have kissed Hitler’s bahooky if he asked him to.
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