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  1. Thai drivers do look in the mirror; the boys pick their zits and the girls do their makeup. What more do you want!
  2. I doubt you'll find a ring-main in Thailand. L O S - Land of Spurs.
  3. The guy with the dash-cam should have backed-off a bit instead of trying to get a close-up; he would have creamed them if they had fell-off! I sometimes wonder if any Thai driver has anything between their ears!
  4. Banning alcohol and banning the sale of alcohol are 2 different things. If the ACC thinks it's going to make a difference, then somebody in ACC has seriously lost the plot. Bunch of idiots! Casualties are high on every ****in day of the year! What they need to ban is the Songkran water festival, and make everybody go to the temple on the 13th to pay respect to their elders, instead of touring the roads and causing mayhem to the law-abiding citizens; I'm sure there must be some law-abiding citizens somewhere.
  5. Was it the same lecture that they've already had a few times? Perhaps the lecturer doesn't understand that he's lecturing to previous students of the Thai education system; the phrase "Pissing up a rope" springs to mind.
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