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  1. normally yes but with the spotlight on the handling of red bull case and this one so well documented and viewed i wonder how the powers to be will sell any non punishment to joe public?
  2. a nice car meañs do not shoot the bitch even after she is trying to kill and maim innocent people shoot to kill is reserved for drug induced or normal public where a shot to the leg or torso would do
  3. qatar are still flying cheapest 1 way ticket(which is all he needs) 16.500 baht 23hrs or 31.000 for shorter flight times so not so bad
  4. i may be reading it wrong but he is saying he was instructed to dismiss the case by his superiors " whilst they were busy with other matters" meaning 1) they thought lets pretend its not my decision 2) How stupid can they be to try to push this through right now when only time in decades public are ready to fight We all know he is only a cog in the corruption wheel and no way will he testify if i was him i would ensure othets knew i had insurance planted all over the world in case i also have "accident"
  5. as a few before me have stated its too easy to judge people from a particular look you may not like. Any Decent person gives others the benifit of any doubt its not like he is tattooed all over his face. As you say pay any money police ask does this make you a good person? Or just a mini red bull gives you wings character that we love to shout about in as far money buys justice. Seems to me guy is obviously not destitute lives here 4 years was suppossed to fly to Bulgaria for family get together so not exiled from family . We all make mistakes from time to time could be accident was not his fault it will all come out in time i do not drive in thailand so one less chance for farang extortion used on me
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