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  1. 48 minutes ago, EricTh said:

    That's why I said earlier that COE can be faked or bought but people here didn't believe me. 

    Since there is little over 100 Thai embassies and consulates in whole world I should assume each is given individual starting ref number followed by you,re given COE number identifying that person it probably passport number would not take much checking considering airports are not exactly running at 100%

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  2. 7 hours ago, brewsterbudgen said:

    Yes.  It's the lowest form of wit.  Please try harder!



    Ouch if sarcasm is no good is it ok to use double entendres? With all the bad news we need a little light relief as Frankie Howard used to say have you got it Infamy.?

    Side note is this P.M from Kent I hear lots saying he is a proper Kent

    ps sorry for non British members typically British humor from 80s

  3. 6 minutes ago, tgw said:




    so we can agree people would a have "felt" supported if he had stayed and made some symbolic statements on TV and visited some people, to give them a "warm feeling" but not achieving anything material.


    it shows what people want: hot air.

    then politicians give them what they want: hot air. all talk for that warm feeling, but no action.



    we well AO Cortez collected $2 million to help Texas assisted in distribution of relief to the public ( not her state)

    just providing the type of leadership one should expect from people who put themselves up for public office.

    As for lyin Ted I expect no more than he is doing diddly squat whilst him and his ilk try to blame everything and everyone but themselves for this problem.

    Oh this idea Change the weather you say?
    No be prepared for it it’s not like it’s the first time it’s ever happened in Texas my god even Stephen Hawkins love child from Alaska (Sarah palin) manages to keep the grid going I believe it may get cold there also

  4. On 2/22/2021 at 6:01 PM, tgw said:


    complete nonsense.

    what can he do to help his constituents? change the weather?


    it's not abandonment, it's jealousy. people are just jealous that some can go on holidays to Cancun while they cannot.

    social media fueled egalitarianism is a growing problem in Western societies.

    I think you miss the point since he is an elected official whether he is only going to do a symbolic gesture to show he cares it would be something.

    He was giving speeches to muster his troops into battle prior to the Congress invasion pity when the fighting started he as other brave leaders watched from a safe distance.

    Now his safety net was Cancun 

    As crunch wrap said could have gone and had a love fest with his mate in mar a lago at least he would not have to worry about the Donald making a move on his wife as he says. She is ugly

  5. It seems to me that on the face of it apart from a few early investors there were no winners the accused got in over his head perhaps gambler.?
    A normal scam artist would have taken as much as possible then bolted but he stayed in his job day in day out obviously like any pyramid scheme it gets to a breaking point where it is impossible to get enough “new investors “

    to pay original investors the totally unrealistic interest promised.


  6. 2 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

    Compensation by Kasikorn should only be the money deposited, not the 42% annual Ponzi increases, I wonder if those effected are including that amount as this has been going on for years apparently

    Very true if I go into the bank and normal investment is giving between 0.5 to 1% my how lucky I am that I have been chosen to receive lottery win amounts of interest madoff investors would be jealous.

    As you correctly say if I had 1 million received for arguments sake 200,000 interest prior to losing the lot I am down 800.000 .

    I can not understand how the branch manager did not see anything suspicious whole string of people only wanting to deal with assistant manager.

  7. 3 hours ago, peterpop said:

    Maybe Thai Visa with their connections could suggest to the Thai Government that British pensioners in Thailand would contribute more to the economy if their pensions were not frozen.  I am not holding my breath.

    Of course another way to look at it is the old age pensioners that have left the. Uk to live in Thailand have taken a great burden off the national health service as we age we are in general more dependent on the medical profession to help us in our later years.

    Or care homes with assisted living so the few pennies the government save by depriving the selected pensioners of the 2% usual increase per year that is given to everyone else is petty to say the least.

    As many have said more eloquently than I can this is not charity this is our own money paid into a national pot only when it comes to getting some back rules for us are rather biased.

    Imagine having you,re private pension telling you of course you paid in but we prefer to reduce you’re money because you have chosen to live abroad 

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  8. 9 hours ago, tracker1 said:

    Appear they done it just to <deleted> her off !

    does not show whole appartment bed ect. easy to understand 1 sick individual with mental health issues allowing this to happen but more than 1 with same problems?

    Just a guess but if more than 1 renter i am inclined to believe they just took bags of garbage from street and left it as a parting gift to landlady

  9. 10 hours ago, allanos said:

    Many conspiracy theories have subsequently been found to have been founded in fact.  Possibly the most famous in recent times is that surrounding the assassination of JFK. While an untold number of observers were claiming that it was a plot, the US Government was doing its best to deny it, proclaiming the lone gunman thesis. It took many years for the truth to finally come out. Likewise the spread of the "intelligence" of North Vietnam gunboat attacks on US destroyers during LBJ's watch.  Many did not believe the veracity of the claims, but were silenced. Years later, the original claims appear to have been spurious. 


    There are many other examples, both recent and historical.


    So, conspiracy theories shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.  The inherent problem with them is that they take a long time to prove or disprove.


    Is the one surrounding Pfizer true? Personally, I have no idea.  Naturally, the left will decry it; that is to be expected. But one thing life has taught me over many years is to keep an open mind always, and not get bogged down with what the media, both main stream and social, try to persuade me of, in an attempt to get me to toe their particular line.

    ok you don't want to dismiss this conspiracy theory seems strange that a private pharmacutical company would risk waiting 2 weeks to announce success with the risk of being beaten to the winning line by another company?

    I do not have 50 years to say you was wrong so i'm going to make an educated guess with my above views why its unlikely.

    2nd lou dobbs ect say he would have won the election if was earlier announced does this mean they conceed he lost?

  10. 6 hours ago, Brunolem said:

    Thailand is playing a very dangerous game and is in the process of irreversibly destroy its tourism industry.


    First, there is a developing xenophobia within the population, which is not really needed.


    Fear of the stranger, for whatever reason, is never good.


    What if foreigners started developing similar feelings regarding Thais, and didn't let them into their countries, especially for work?


    Then there is the image Thailand is projecting.


    What are these Chinese who had jumped through all the hoops before their trip was cancelled at the last minute going to think, and tell their friends, including all those on their social websites?


    Something like "don't bother and go spend your money elsewhere"...



    which countries are you speaking of that make it easy for thai's? to even visit let alone work ?.

    many of us are waiting for thailand to open up in saying we will find another country to visit where?.

    Depending on which country you are from will determine which country you can visit even then this changes by the day.

    Many of us in the west have a sense of entitlement and can not understand why we can not go where we want when we want.

    In the normal times we also see nothing wrong in our home countries making it difficult for foreigners to visit our country ah well no double standards there?

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  11. 11 hours ago, ezzra said:

    If they haven't been removed in the 8 years thus far what's the point to remove them now as any damage they could have caused to the investigation surly already been done...

    I think if they are willing to whitewash an investigation into the death of one of there own then maybe just maybe in the 8 years afterwards perhaps a cynic may jump to the conclusion they may have done same over and over.?

    Of course I could not say as libel laws are very strong in los much more vigorously upheld than real criminal charges

  12. 3 hours ago, andre47 said:

    ''Even those who had already bought units were unable to continue with payments due to problems in transferring funds as they couldn't get to Thailand. ''

    Why cannot transfer funds?

    could be a few reasons 1) hong kongers can not because of banking in hk? i think not as hk has a very sophisticated banking system

    2) perhaps willing to risk 30% investment especially if thinking market could crash greater than 30%

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