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  1. Keep the country closed to vaccinated people and open to unvaccinated people, sounds like a plan!! 555
  2. This is why people don't believe what the media reports. If one person was covid positive in a small confined area where rules are almost certainly flouted then they should all have contracted it. They tell us it is so contagious yet in that environment only one and the others were spared?
  3. Feel bad no more fellow foreigners, they don't even want their own coming in unless they can take the p out of them
  4. These articles stink with lies, offer some comedy relief and a lot of heartache for those already suffering again. But hey be optimistic, only around 4 more months of this...... then you may just see half a ray of sunshine. These homemade vaccines, where are they made? In a lao khao lab? Certainly seems so as all the heads in charge have been vaccinated and that's what they are acting like
  5. You have to give them credit, they keep finding ways to make the circus more entertaining every day. What gets me is the constant flip flip act and the fact they follow no science and not even an ounce of common sense. I arrived back in country 17 days ago. I had my 2nd jab of Moderna on 5-May. They weren't even interested in the fact i had been vaccinated, still 14 days quarantine. Now all of the sudden come August you can't enter the country without a vaccine but if you have it and test negative only three days is required. There is nothing to back up that idea, just
  6. Flip Flop, think they have been listening to Dr. Fauci too much. Is this Science or Thai science? Why are they pushing for vaccine rate of 70% for herd immunity when they are essentially saying they don't believe in vaccinations. If you have been vaccinated and tested negative for the virus that's as good as it gets, there is nothing else to wait for. They quarantine vaccinated people with negative test results from lower risk countries while in a high risk country like Thailand right now the unvaccinated are free to move about almost anywhere. makes perfect sense
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