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  1. We've been hearing how beaches and coral life have been rejuvenated since these closures and now on the brink of possibly re-opening the news comes out of dirty water
  2. Wow, can't sit with you you go with, can't have anything to drink or enjoy popcorn with the movie which are synonymous. Where do i queue up?
  3. LOL ok, that's their story and they're sticking to it
  4. So let them go to 7/11, take them shopping, go have a meal somewhere with then just don't send them to school
  5. No foreign tourists with borders and airports closed.....shocked!
  6. Why don't they extend the curfew until midnight and make an exception for the early markets and the traders that need them
  7. That appears to be the narrative they are going with unfortunately
  8. I'm sure this wonderful news is just warming hearts and tickling fancies the world over
  9. Thailand has been looking for a way to shut down the bar and gogo scene for a long time. Congrats guys you found it, i would have thought by now you would have realized just how much you need it but .....nope
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