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  1. If they have your bankbook too. And it's Krung Thai Bank, it may be possible. Last year I did it without showing ID, this year they asked to see my passport. If they don't succeed, there are lots of other branches to try. Please let us know if you are successful, others are in your position too.
  2. 1. You can take your yellow tax card to Krungsri bank and ask them not to deduct tax on interest going forward. Only the first 20,000 baht interest is tax free. With 4 million you will probably go over this limit anyway. If they don't have a tax ID number on file, the default is to deduct tax from all interest. 2. You can file between 1 Jan - 31 March. 3. https://www.rd.go.th/publish/index.html You can do it here but it's all in Thai and pretty messy design. If you go to the tax office and ask them to do it, they will most likely just login to the same site and do it while you wait.
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