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  1. To buy a condo in your name you need to bring in the total value in foreign currency anyway. So on top of convincing a bank to give you a mortgage then you have to send the money out of Thailand and import it again at additional expense. Summary of that Word document is No, No, No, Yes..but you would want it, No, and You'd have to be crazy.
  2. The same units are being advertised by multiple agents Yes. But it also indicates that more people are probably speculating that actually intend to live there.
  3. You can claim late and pay a fee (200 baht) but you can't claim early
  4. From the description. This project consist of 178 units. For sale 252 units
  5. You don't have to hand anything in. They will ask on the application what other credit cards you hold and the credit limit of each card. Then they will make a decision based on your income and risk. In my case a 2nd bank gave me the exact same credit limit as the first. Effectively doubling my available credit. Why do they do that? they want your custom. It's correct that if you get a second card from the same bank, they will share the credit limit across both cards. They often give you a visa and a mastercard just for the hell of it. Applying to many banks at the same time is a known tactic of Thais who have trouble getting a card. Don't know if it works. Thai credit reports are not at all like american ones (privacy rules are better?)
  6. Yes, it only reduces your Taxable income, not tax due, in the same way as claiming other things like life insurance or donations. No, you can't claim the same money each year, you only get to claim it in the year that you bought it. You have to buy more the next year if you want to claim again. Consumer banks are often agents for other finance companies so are a good place to start.
  7. No RMF is basically like LTF except you can't sell until age 55 and must have held them for 5 years (from date of purchase). Also there is a requirement to buy every year (minimum 5000) Also RMF can include foreign funds, so they haven't crashed as bad as the LTF which are 100% Thai.
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