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  1. you could call the call center and ask for the requirements first. you could take along a thai person who banks at that branch and has more than 10,000 baht to their name who can vouch for you. you can take a yellow house book or immigration letter confirming your address. you can take 100,000 baht cash and plop it on the counter. you can dress professionally and speak politely. All these things are known to improve your chances.
  2. When doing the Farang Pink ID card they asked and I said none. I don't think they have a "none" option in the computer because what I got was "unspecified" What I have heard is they only have a choice of about 4 major religions.
  3. No guarantees, but the main office at Aree is probably more likely to do things by the book and speak english.
  4. Try putting your debit card in an Australian ATM machine and picking "check balance"
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