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  1. My attitude mirrors that of women who didn't sleep their way up the career ladder. Men too I imagine.
  2. You're the Trump supporter, right? Rooted in integrity and righteousness are we?
  3. Are there really no Californians on this board? She's the cute chick in the prosecutor's office that caught Willie Brown's eye. She benefitted greatly as his mistress as did the one's before her and afterwards. Wille knows how to dole out the patronage. and get his mistress salaried.
  4. Yeah, yeah. Let's see who's funding them.
  5. Restraint of trade has been ajudged to be unconstitutional time and time again. It seems to me more a right of first refusal than restraint of trade. It's an anti back stabbingclause which is more germain whenever China is a possible party.
  6. Most of the money made by scavenger investors of distressed properties is in the " loss carry forward" not in the property itself. Big "loss carry forwards" are like an innoculation against FIT, for years.
  7. The most drastic change is that none of the signor nations to NAFTA may enter into a trade pact with China without it first being being vetted by NAFTA signees. If those signees do not agree with the nation's Chinese trade pact that member may be removed from NAFTA. Don't know if it's a good provision or not, but it is significant and I think probably good for the local bloc.
  8. Not a fan of Kamala-Harris but at least the Democrats have stopped being Republicans for the most part, until Biden enters the race.
  9. Exactly. Same goes for Obama and Universal Healthcare.
  10. Yeah, in the US it's all about the money, for everything, all the time.
  11. I was using the same source but pulled it from before the election. Post election accounting is more accurate, so I'm thinking a lot of money came in at the end.
  12. Ironically, Trump's campaign was largely self funded, in addition tosmaller donations. Not a lot of big dollar donorsfor Trump in comparison to other presidential elections. He's also amassed a ton of money for a presumed 2020 election. I don't know the source of those funds.
  13. You're thinking of the water slide to Phitsanulok, or was it the gondola up Doi Luang?
  14. OK, I've already forgotten; did I say there was?
  15. US presidential powers are welll circumscribed. The problem lies mainly with the people's representatives. Most of them, on both sides of the aisle are simply horrible and are in the pockets of those who raise their election funds.