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  1. Buy Vuarnets next time. Unless you're one of those shaved skull guys or a cop, where it's part of the uniform.
  2. If it's any consolation in America the prices are the same for both foreigners and locals $15-$40 each depending on the park. 200 Baht doesn't seem so expensive by comparison.
  3. You're probably not all that welcome in your home country other than as a source of revenue. Thailand's a pretty great place if you skip lightly across the surface of the culture and society. Don't recommend a deep dive. Same applies to the US where I come from.
  4. Well, I'm not afraid of the bear. It took me about 40 years to learn this, but I discovered that's it's good to be the guy with some money set aside when everyone else is broke. There are some incredibly cheap opportunities that present themselves in those circumstances.
  5. Another way to look at it is the way I look at it, ie: all wealth is relative. Whether it be the wealth of individuals or the wealth of nations. You would not be wrong to state that the US government are profligate spenders and their taxation policy is an abomination with regard to their upcoming liabilities. But you have to ask yourself the question, "compared to whom"? It's a bit like when you and your buddy encounter a malicous bear in the woods. You don't have to outrun the bear, you only have to outrun your buddy. BTW, those decrying the relative strength of the THB should keep this in mind.
  6. Why Gold? If you're looking for insurance, why not LEAP puts?
  7. Oh, c'mon man! Trump's not even a paper tiger compared to those others. Maybe gossamer.
  8. Of course she can only be so outspoken because she is in such a safe district. Her only future opposition would be a a Democrat who runs to the right of her, and if we've learned anything it is that the populous is sick of centrist right wing Democrats. They'll elect a Republican instead. Anyway, I like her. Yeah, she gets some stuff wrong, but I can live with that. What I fear most is that she morphes into a Pelosi or Waters type; a corrupt corporate stooge.
  9. The presidency, whoever's it is, is merely a pimple on the ass of the debt cycle.
  10. I don't disagree that governments should stop offering incentives to multi billion dollar corporations to set up shop in their locales. Seattle turned itself into a yuppie/homeless shithole catering to these A-holes. San Francisco the same. Used to be kids riding the buses. Not anymore, because there are no more kids. Just yuppies and belligerant homeless folks.
  11. The people who collect taxes welcome him. Not for the taxes they will collect from his business but for the taxes they will collect from his employees and the businesses where those employees spend their paychecks and from the income the landlords of those employees earn. The employee's money disappears into taxes, the corporations money disappears to shareholders.
  12. Not a fan of the National Enquirer, at all, but this monopolist, fascistic, slave driving, bean counting, A-hole deserves everything coming to him. I hope someone can break him and start the process of breaking his business up, for the betterment of all.
  13. Socialism works well for Capitalists so long as the profits accrue to the Capitalists and the losses are borne by the Socialists.
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