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  1. I don't think they're "of the right". I think those guys on the right like to shoot people and run them over with their cars. The one's I have seen throw things through windows and spray paint things. More destruction oriented it seems.
  2. the people I have seen creating the most destruction and fomenting the most fear and conflict were young White men, though some females too. Twitterwill give you a much better idea of what's going on than the mainstream news will. It may be that the revolution IS being televized.
  3. C'mon man, get a grip, These are your fellow countrymen. They're probably only a little more/less wrong than you are. That's not to say either one of you are right. What you want is a cohesive society for the benefit of all.
  4. That is what I am expecting. As you say it is easy to say, but if you have children, I'd rather undertake it then have them undertake it.
  5. Oh, he is surely scum. I didn't mean to give the impression that he isn't. I see him and Biden similarly, although Trump is more useful in moving the country forward, once we dispense with him with someone who isn't a DNC corporate sponsored retread.
  6. The upside is that may foment a revolution. This democracy is getting a little bit long in the tooth. Most, if not all never last this long. It may be time to hit the refresh key.
  7. In Trump years there's about 900 months before the election.
  8. Biden is scum. That said Trump shouldn't be threatening to send in the military. You can't get more Third World than that.
  9. I encourage you to look at some poverty statistics in America. While it may be true that African Americans, per capita are more impoverished, it is not even close to true that they are the most impoverished Americans. That of course is an entirely seperate issue to their unjust treatment by the police/justice system.
  10. Here's why nobody should be hitching their wagon to Trump. Faced with a crime, not of his making, and a justice system steered toward authorities not under his jurisdiction, he should have condemned them from the first minute. No skin off his nose. Even most of his base might see that. Joe Biden, sexual assaulter though he is, knows at least to call out sexual assault as long as it doesn't lead back to himself.
  11. OMG! Don't you get it? Theres just as many or more White, Asian and Hispanic Americans suffering from the same economic inequality.
  12. It's not hypocrisy to call most of them scum and to say some of them are decent working within a corrupt system.
  13. You mean the guys that take your statement after the fact? Yes, they are largely scum. Some ofthem are good but they work within a toxic system.
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