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  1. Just wondering if anyone has any heads up what's happening ? I saw an announcement from the Minister about bringing in Filippino's teachers , what's happening to Western contracts ?
  2. I am using a Mac. Have a lot of things to read which are written in Thai. I can read, but very slow, about 25% speed of a Thai. Used to use Word for TTS quick and easier to listen than reading Adobe does not work ( pretends to, but does not ), Preview in Mac also does not read TTS. Any options ? have a few thousand pages to chew through Thanks
  3. Used this string in searches, nothing specific came up in the searches. Looking to register a company, mainly doing consulting locally and abroad and need to send invoices. Any recommended company ? I am a Thai Citz ID holder now, so no issue on that front. Looking for basic service, affordable and legally correct. p.s. any advice on accounting / fin audit service providers welcome too. Thanks !
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