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  1. Always appreciate views and I can only learn from constructive guidance I have been in Thailand for 26 years so have a good grasp of the country and its challenges. Came out of early retirement for this project as it was an opportunity to do something for poor children - rich children can get all the English tutoring they want. It doesn't look like its fizzling so far, more enquiries than I can poke a stick at - happy problem, but one never knows where it will end up. I just finished a 167 page report in Thai to the MoE detailing activities and results which has bee
  2. Hope to give a few hope in this world of Covid. I have been working on a project since May 2020 importing an award winning play based English learning programme from the US for kindergarten children, and converting it into Thai and localising it. Might sound unbelievable, but Thai teachers with little to now English skills are confidently teaching English to rural / poor kindergarten children. We are not focusing on pitch perfect pronunciation, rather the ability to communicate with English language speakers. Pre vs post lecture assessment results on our 4 point scale
  3. 3 million Sino delivered, 1.3 million administered.... Why?
  4. Typical attitude is "they did not apply for approval, so not our fault".... meanwhile places like Indonesia are steaming ahead - see my family there getting jabs
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