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  1. Given the insanity that they propose like the "Green Leap Forward", perhaps it's better if they did!
  2. Yes. If he DOES sign it, will you accept that he IS serious about running the country?
  3. So typical. The only thing these self centred ladies applauded for was themselves. Record unemployment for minorities? Sat on their hands. Economic growth? Sat on their hands. Completely self absorbed.
  4. Tell her you are going broke and can't send cash for a few months, but that you still want to continue the relationship. If SHE wants to continue, then you need to worry about her feelings. If as all suspect, she drops you like a stone, then you don't have to play bad guy. Let her do the hard work.
  5. Any way to get out of that misbegotten hellhole of a country and conflict is fine by me. Once Bin Laden was erased, there was no reason to stay.
  6. Considering her basic lack of knowledge concerning tax policy and economics, I'd be worried if she gets anywhere near the levers of power. Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post Fact Check (hardly a conservative or Trumper) gave her a full four Pinnochio rating for her nonsensical opinions about the Trump tax cuts: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2019/02/13/kamala-harris-leaps-unwarranted-conclusions-tax-tweet/?utm_term=.92164a0d389c
  7. Putin (and Russia in general) is a paper tiger with very limited global reach. They don't have the sealift capacity or airlift capacity to do much so far from their bases. All Putin is doing is trying to get a decent deal for his oligarch patrons who invested heavily in Venezuela.
  8. Any deal that has both sides moderately unhappy is probably a fair compromise. Time to get back to the serious business of running the country instead of running to the nearest news camera and speechifying.
  9. Perhaps the Governor can remove the Guard due to the fact that there is a border wall in place along much of the California/Mexico border...
  10. ...which is something less than one half of one percent of GM total revenue. Agree that they shouldn't get tax breaks.
  11. 1. The Saudi Embassy is legally considered sovereign Saudi territory under international law. 2.Khashoggi was NOT an American citizen. He was a resident alien on a visa. Lets hope reading comprehension was not your best subject at school.
  12. From the media, you would think that Khashoggi was a red white and blue flag waving US patriot, if not born in the US then at least a long term immigrant. In reality, he had only lived in the States for just over a year, and wrote sporadically for the Washington Post for even less time than that. He was incredibly rich and knew a lot of "the right people", which made it easy for him to get a visa to stay in the US. Of course he shouldn'T have been murdered, and of course he isn't to be blamed for his own death. But, this should hardly be the concern of the Congress.
  13. She's a scold, just rehashing the old pablum that Sanders tried to peddle. Another ivory tower millionaire out to civilize the mass of the unwashed and uneducated. She won't make it past the first round of cuts. It's probably gonna come down to Senators Harris and Booker, with Biden as an outsider if his health holds up.
  14. So, the Saudi government killed a Saudi citizen on Saudi soil. Why should anyone else care enough to impose sanctions, get their panties in a knot, etc? The only reason the story has any traction is Khashoggi's media connection. The networks and media corporations are in a tizzy because "one of their own" was targeted. He was a decades long supporter of the regime in Riyadh and also groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, then wandered off the reservation.
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