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  1. Seems pretty obvious that whoever called the police, they really exaggerated the scope of what was happening. Probably said something like, "my farang neighbour is having a big party by his pool", and the cops assumed/hoped for the worst. A chance at a great payday, looking good in front of the media, etc. So when they arrived to the actual scene they were totally overstaffed and looked ridiculous. That is why we heard the constant "where party? You party" mantra over and over. They were looking for a crime that had never taken place.
  2. Perhaps so, but in the quoted regulation, "gathering" is being used as a verb, not a noun. It was referring to celebrations, such as birthday parties and the like. Specific organized events. Ditto "or others" in the regulation. Referring to organized events. As for the transcript, it isn't necessary. If you see the actual video (as I did), the invading police and/or moo ban informant crow the words "you party" at least 20 times. As if it were a talisman or magic phrase to justify their intrusion into a small and informal affair.
  3. They were sitting outside. The chance of getting Covid in such a setting is minimal. No music, no karaoke, no shouting close to each other... Please, the paranoid hyphochondria has to end some time. A modicum of common sense needs to come into play, don't you think?
  4. I think the wording of the regulation (about any organized event) explains why the cops were shouting about "party party" all the time. They are trying to establish that this was akin to the events organized in bars and discos that caused the virus to spread. However, it is beyond ridiculous in this setting. I doubt this was a business venture, I doubt any money changed hands, I doubt there were public invitations. Just a few friends having a drink.
  5. If you are interested, there was a video of the raid 'in progress' on The Taiger youtube channel yesterday. It was all quite pathetic looking honestly. The police shouting "you party you party you party" endlessly, confused people milling about. There was no music playing, the police found a cooler with wine and beer in it and triumphantly exclaimed "you party" again. The loudest thing in the video was the police- there was no music playing at all. It looked like the person doing the filming wasn't a police officer, maybe some local do-gooder who snitched on them.
  6. I think there is a difference between using computers/tablets and using mobile phones. The portability aspect of the latter is the problem- it lets them intrude into places and spaces where they aren't needed. At my house, we had a pretty simple set of tech rules- no devices during mealtimes, and no devices in the bedrooms. I also...try...to enforce a "no cell phone" policy in the uni classes I teach. Students aren't allowed to have their phones, bags, coats etc at their desks- they need to be left in the back of the room. It is funny to see the stampede at the end of class, al
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