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  1. That this is even an idea suggests how bad the current unemployment crisis is. When I first came here, Thailand was aspiring to catch up with Singapore. Now its peers are Cambodia, Laos and Burma.
  2. Waiting for information from China? Probably the only country in the world I'd trust less than Thailand with official 'news' and self-serving official BS. Thailand's 'government' again proves it cannot act decisively in a crisis.
  3. Has anyone noticed the sudden rush to start building condos in Jomtien? Everywhere on Second Road seems to have become a new construction site. Is it down to new land taxes next year or a desperate rush to take bank money to fund new builds before a perceived crash? Whatever, nobody in their right minds can be building condos here thinking they can easily sell them, when so many new builds lie empty and buyers decline. So what's going on? Also, I noticed the old Ocean One site has now started construction. Anyone know what's going up there? And do old Ocean One buyers get their money back or any credit in lieu in the new building being built?
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