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  1. Indeed. The virus isn't going to disappear for years (if at all) just like other viruses.
  2. Not really surprising as it's a major commuter route and businesses are pretty much back to normal in Bangkok now.
  3. You've been a star in this whole depressing business! Good luck and thanks for keeping us all informed. My kid's passport doesn't expire until 20 December, but I had planned to submit the renewal around now, as our Extensions need to be renewed in November, I'm following this thread avidly.
  4. It's still not official, but there is certainly hope that they will be able to open (physically, as most have been open for online classes for some time) from 1 June. Here is what my son's school is planning... We expect everyone’s co-operation on these measures and it will be highly appreciated. These measures are as follows: 1. Access to the school gate School vans and private vehicles will not be allowed access to the school gate. Students must be dropped-off the Soi in front of *****, must line-up maintaining 1 meter away from each other and wait for their turn for the temperature scanning and hand-sanitizing. Students showing a temperature of over 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be permitted to enter the school premises and parents will be phoned to collect the child(ren). For facility, we suggest that parents wait until the child is permitted to enter the school premises before leaving. Depending on the volume of student, scanning and hand-sanitizing may take only a couple minutes. 2. Wearing of face masks “No Face Masks, No Entry Policy”. Wearing of face masks is a must to be allowed entrance to the school premises. Face masks must be worn inside the school premises at all times. 3. Travel and health declaration We will be asking every family to complete and submit the Travel and Health Declaration Form together with a copy of each household member’s passport’s pages containing the information page and latest arrival date in Thailand. The form and submission procedure will be emailed to families in time. 4. Self-quarantine requirement Should the student or a member of the household transited through or travelled from other countries and has returned to Thailand after the 20th of April, the student must stay home for the 14 days self-quarantine. 5. School van health and safety The Teacher Assistant shall perform temperature scan and hand sanitation first before allowing any student to get in the van. Student resisting from temperature scanning and hand sanitizing protocol and showing a temperature of over 37.5 degrees Celsius will not be allowed to join the van. Upon arrival to school, the students will follow the procedure set-out under the Access to the school gate.
  5. Much as I would love to see Liverpool not win the title, only two positive tests is a good result and I can't see why it won't all start up again in mid-June, especially as it's already started in Germany, with Spain due to start very soon.
  6. The Airport Link has never closed, although it had to close early due to the curfew (not such an issue now).
  7. Interesting that a new "building for Immigration" is being built right in the centre of Bangkok, next to the RTP HQ.
  8. Unless it's State quarantine it's pretty pointless. People arriving at their point of arrival in the UK will still need to travel to their home/hotel on a crowded train/bus/Underground.
  9. Indeed; just an indication that things are starting to change, at least from the Laos side. I would be surprised if a partial opening doesn't happen from June.
  10. Good question. I doubt it, as I was under the impression that a flight "home" had to be booked in order to get one. If this is not the case, it would be good to know.
  11. There is some indication that this is changing. https://jclao.com/gradual-reopening-of-intl-borders/
  12. There does appear to be some movement towards re-opening some borders,but I expect there will be restrictions and possible enforced quarantine, https://jclao.com/gradual-reopening-of-intl-borders/
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