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  1. Just found out my (fasting) blood sugar level is 114. Pre-diabetic? Doctor recommended more exercise and better diet. No meds.
  2. Fortunately times have changed! Thailand is lagging behind, but change is coming.
  3. The postal address has not changed, however, it can take up to 6 weeks to get the new 90-day slip back.
  4. Indeed, us Brits are damned with probably the all time worst National Anthem. I envy the French, Americans, Germans, Italians and Welsh!
  5. You can listen to the files attached to my previous post. Hope this helps.
  6. They play the Royal Anthem, not the National Anthem, in cinemas. A few years ago, everyone stood. Now, not so many!
  7. This has all come too late to affect the election. I would think President Biden will be forced to resign once the investigations start, and then Kamala will step up. All part of the crafty Dem plan!
  8. It won't be out of my deposit, as the problem was there before we moved in (he has accepted that). He will pay for the "repair" but wants me to organise it. I agree with Whiteman, repairing it will be next to impossible, so I guess I will have to get him to buy a new one. Does anyone know what causes this problem - it seems it's not unsual.
  9. No, it's the landlord's. However, before we moved in we pointed out the single black line on the TV (I have an email/photo). I think he will be amenable to replacing the TV, but only once Samsung have confirmed that it cannot be fixed.
  10. For the last year black horizontal lines have started appearing on the Samsung TV in our rented condo. It started with a single, fairly unobtrusive line at the bottom of the screen but many more lines have now appeared and the picture is getting obscured. Our landlord has just told us to "contact Samsung', but servicing for TVs seems difficult, and the TV is well out of warranty. Has anyone experienced the same issue, and is there a quick fix we can do ourselves? Thanks.
  11. Many on the Right (perhaps accurately) describe the USA as a constitutional federal republic, rather than a democracy. The Electoral College is constitutionally designed to prevent domination by the majority.
  12. Millions of people are obviously nuts, then! Or maybe just not snowflakes.
  13. This isn't really a Consular question. You'd be better off posting it in the Visa & Migration to Foreign Countries forum, where there are many experts.
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