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  1. One thing to be careful about is going to a gogo with your wife/girlfriend, if it's where she once worked. You can easily end up buying drinks for all her friends and the mamasan (or rather she ends up buying them with your 'bin').
  2. Not just Thailand either! Be grateful you don't live in China or India!
  3. A UK passport is proof of British citizenship. It can only be issued to British citizens. The only downside is that someone who is British By Descent cannot pass on their British citizenship to their children if they are born abroad.
  4. Pretty shameful to be supporting a military overthrow of a democratic government. I guess you're backing the Myanmar generals too?
  5. Exactly. The overwhelming majority of people who get infected are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. But still they think it's necessary to decimate the economy and small businesses. At least Thailand hasn't gone the way of the UK/USA.
  6. He was fined, for illegal drinking in a park. How could he be fined for DUI when he wasn't over the legal limit?
  7. I think he means opening the borders to vaccinated travellers, without any quarantine requirements. Tourists with a COE and confirmed ASQ have been allowed in for a while now.
  8. If the OP is British (Otherwise than by Descent) the baby will be British wherever it is born. The UK doesn't have birthright citizenship.
  9. The NHS surcharge is paid when they apply for a Settlement visa and then again for Leave to Remain. It is compulsory so any Thai "living" in the UK with a legal visa will have paid it. "The Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) is a fee levied on the majority of UK visa applications. ... Also known as the NHS surcharge, it essentially adds £624 per year per person to the cost of a UK visa, or £470 a year for children, students and Youth Mobility visas."
  10. Plenty of grumpy, dissatisfied, misanthropic old men the world over! I'd wager those living in Thailand are having more fun!
  11. Excellent post. Hopefully, in time, Covid protection will be included in the annual flu jab.
  12. I understood that being vaccinated doesn't stop you getting infected with Covid, or passing on the infection. The vaccination just dramatically reduces your chances of getting adverse reactions to Covid and requiring hospital treatment (or dying). It's very altruistic for Thais to want to protect foreigners!
  13. Countries all over the world require TEFL teachers - it's a huge specialist market. See below. If someone wants to hire a math or science teacher, they don't want a TEFL teacher! TEFL is about teaching English not math or any other subject. his Week's Worldwide Jobs The following jobs have been added to the TEFL.com database during the past 7 days. To view the complete announcement, click on the job title link (when online). China English teachers needed in Guiyang | i2 International Institute of Education 1. Job title: English Teacher; 2. Pro
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