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  1. not long ago 1 dead 6 injured in korat bar shooting over same thing, and later 5 shot outside bar in trang
  2. Thailands crime stats is not actively managed and collected as good as in first world countries though, and far more unreported crimes in thaikand...
  3. For a city with nearly 9 million, that is not high.
  4. I dont know if it is true, but saw alot of thai comments comments saying there is murder or shootings at victory bar from time to time or often?
  5. Pretty common, saw last week in thai news that 2 men were shot dead after they helped a waitress get harrassed and touched, the shooter said that he lost face after the 2 men confronted him and his friends about it. Also just today/yesterday 5 got shot outside bar after 2 groups argued due to the 2 groups looking at each other, 4 people where hit was bystanders, including 2 policemen.
  6. Not Majority though. I agree some people exaggerate about that it is an thai thing, obviously violence is in every Country, some more some less violence. And all the ignorant saying thai men is This or that is common too.
  7. 5 shot in drive by due to someone looking at the shooter in trang https://www.dailynews.co.th/crime/736336
  8. Now another shooting in/outside pub, in trang. 5 shot, bystanders hit, due to someone looked at the shooters face in a funny way or just looked at him https://www.dailynews.co.th/crime/736336
  9. I'm saying there is always one or more mentioning or talking about UK or London on crime news that happend in thaikand on thai Visa
  10. I knew someone would mention UK or London, as someone always does... how come Brits always have to start mentioning London or UK in crime news from other countries?
  11. Yeah that happens time to time that they shoot or stabb each other over that, not to long ago 13 year old boy got killed with stone over looking at a group of men
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