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  1. You just had to point that out, almost as someone said this only happens in Thailand, Of course it happens in all countries, The difference is how often it happens. As soon as someone says "this happens alot in thailand" with shootings or violence someone just have to write the obvious that it happens everywhere. Rare in some countries, everyday in some.
  2. "Violent Sweden" haha are you joking? You realise Sweden got among the lowest murder rates in the world right?.. i feel safe in a "no go zone" in botkyrka sweden since I moved here from Thailand.. never been victim or know anyone been victim of crime. as soon as violent news gets published here its almost as the news and the people commenting here say this only happens in Thailand, Thailand is the most violent in the world, so thai apologists has to act and say this happens everywhere, this European country is worse
  3. I think it was that the 16 year old killed his father, the father apparently shot and killed family members and 16 year old shot the father dead, but the news could be updated, but when I red it, this was what happened.
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