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  1. here is 2 half thai half black rappers from thailand. first guy actually look thai except the hair
  2. wow so the price is 250 - 300 in pattaya but everywhere else it is as low as 10 baht - 100 baht
  3. this website only uses feelings to calculate the crime rate, there is no crime statistics there, many cities is in the complete wrong rank.
  4. how many is the prison built for and how many is in there now? does someone know?
  5. i live in pattaya, we have had our house burgled when we only had bars on the windows on the first floor and at the time had no dog, also have had 2 motorbikes stolen from us during the day in about 10 minutes, and my mother has been target of robbery twice 1 failed. police was not interested to help in none of the cases. they told us to report to the insurance company.
  6. you know 2-4 years ago there was so much more crime against tourists and foreigners and thais ofcourse, the crime that happens in 1 week now was 1 day before, before daily shootings and stabbings, armed robberies against tourists, attacks on tourists now it is pretty calm.
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