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  1. what? here we go again yet another farang thinking thailand has not had a high murder rate before and higher than most European countries. thailand has more knife/machete killings than UK. you would think several hundreds are killed in UK by knife but the number is some 300 are killed with stabbwounds, and less than 50 with gun. total murder amount in UK is around 700 yearly, while thailand has 3,000 - 4,500 murders and does not publish, activly show and work on statistics on crime. crime figures and stats in thailand is not reliable.
  2. "thai visa" and "bangkokpost" = english news hehe. I know, i read khaosod, thai rath, etc everyday. Shootings,stabbings,massive brutal brawls,road rage daily.
  3. Look at them, flirtig With a women, bumping in the them by accident, steping on foot, spill drink on them etc. Not to long ago 1 dead 7 injured in shooting in pub over flirting with same women and later same day, 5 shot outside pub Also another shooting over a women in pub. Happens all the time
  4. So exactly the same as thailand then but not as deadly. Thailand population 67 million - at least 3,000 murders up to 4,500. UK population 66 million 701 murders.
  5. I saw it, also not in available in English news, or maybe there is but I have not seen them yet. Man stabbed to death for bumping into another man by accident. Man gets into argument and kicks another man, later the kicked man goes to the man who kicked him and let's of his shotgun with 3 other mates who all also had guns, 14 year old girl shot dead, 4 year old neighbor injured. Shooting in chantaburi courthouse 2 dead, 3 injured in coma.
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