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  1. I'm not very familiar with what grows well in Thailand. Anyone can point me to some resources on the best type of Trees, hedges, etc. that one can use in Thailand for landscaping purposes? Such as 'Garden Walls', shade, etc. (Not talking about fruit/food). Thank you.
  2. A little update to this: I stopped looking and got my GF to do some of the calling up. She called ones that advertise in Thai only, run by Thai people. And was now getting quotes in the 10k to 15k per sqm range, which seems far more reasonable. A few Thai companies gave those quotes. These, as far as I know, are not 'part time builders', but actual companies with professionals who work on buildings, hotels, multi-house projects, etc. So there is some hope there. It seems there is a significant up-price if going with a foreign (english?) language company, at least of the ones I found so far. I'm sure there are some that are not asking 40k
  3. Anyone want to recommend me some good house builders that will work in the Hua Hin area? Would be doing a western style house, at a western style quality. Not looking to build Trump Palace, just a good durable quality home with insulated bricks. (I'd handle the kitchen & bathroom stuff myself). Also curious what I should expect the rates would be. Some basic googling and feedback is throwing numbers of up to 40k/sqm (not including kitchen/bathroom/etc.). Thank you.
  4. I'm pondering buying a piece of land (about 2+ RAI in size) that is suitable for building a house. I've checked the 'normal' websites (DD, dot, etc.) for land. Not much is listed, and the prices seem to be oddly high. Am I just looking in the wrong places, or should I be expecting to pay 1M/rai for land in an uninteresting and somewhat remote location? Mainly concerned what ways people recommend for me (or my TGF) to find land at a good price. None is available in the extended family. Thank you.
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