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  1. Yes, finally, I'm in the 1% group :)
  2. Yup. Still better than alternative venues.
  3. How about somewhere with high altitude? Any good high mountain places?
  4. I only purchase from official stores on Lazada, for this reason. Any chance the item you want is on an official store?
  5. Given that cars don't stop, it's all fair? I was on beach road: Pressed button Waited for light. Watched the cars go thorough the red light until one stopped I started to cross Peeked behind the car and pulled head back in time to avoid being hit by Speedy Gonzales on his motorbike. It's safer to cross when there is no light. Moving cars are less of a blind spot.
  6. It's not dead. Also, more to Pattaya than bar stools. Perhaps the younger crowd do not spend much time on bar stools? Being young, they might walk.
  7. I'm with 3bb 50 vdslwith international package. iConsistently get 25mbps to Singapore and usa. I stream hd Netflix with no problem. I would prefer 200 fibre, to stream 4k. But I do not have that option. Service is pretty good, but the line outside keeps getting torn down by busses and trucks.
  8. So what do you suggest to do in a situation where: 1) no meeting has been held 2) the JPM was appointed by the developer 3) No records, books, or accounting are shown when asked 4) developer still owns a large % of the property. And, are you in your right to not pay maintenance fees since you can not see how it is being spent?
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